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Video Reviews

We offer him a 2600€ Gaming PC

My dad is building a Gaming PC for the first time !

Summary of the building of the ProArt PC for my video editor !

What's the result of my video editor's ProArt PC ?

How to build your PC in 2022 !

A very good motherboard with pre-mounted I/O shield, PCIe 5.0 slot.

A scientist's third-grade daughter did a free study on the World Wide Web.

AMD最後のラスボス!Zen3最強ゲーミングCPU? 強いのはFPSだけじゃない!Ryzen 7 5800X3D [超猫拳]

The entire system is powered by a 750 W bronze PSU, the power elements in it are of high quality, and the circuitry is even closer to the gold blocks.

A strong, strong assembly for games, all pieces of Asus

The video review from the channel Pakapak

Media Reviews

Kunden Reviews


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