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The black and moonlight white ROG Keris II Ace mice set before a FPS warehouse map background


Experience unparalleled precision like never before with the ROG Keris II Ace. With an ergonomic shape tested by top esports professionals to deliver maximum comfort and better control, the 54-gram Keris II Ace is packed with industry-leading features that aims to help you unlock your potential in competitive play.

Introducing the ROG Keris II Ace Gaming Mouse

Ergonomics Redefined

Designed with the help for FPS esports pros, the Keris II Ace is optimized for peak comfort and control.

Co-tested with s0m

The Keris II Ace is one of the lightest mouse I’ve ever come across and fits perfectly in my hand.

Sam ‘s0m’ Oh
Professional Valorant Player

s0m holding up the ROG Keris II Ace
A mouse this light makes control so much easier with much less force!

BLAST Premier: Spring American Showdown 2023

Hext from NRG Esports
Truly a fine mouse that delivers top-tier performance.

Brehze, NRG
ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online NA Champion

Brehze from NRG Esports
  • The ROG Keris II Ace set in front of a dark blue back ground with ’54-grams’

    54g ultra-lightweight

    Streamlined, lightweight design to reduce fatigue after long hours of intense handling

  • A hand holding up the Keris II Ace, showing a firm grip on the sides

    Specially-designed form

    Sides are sloped inwards to provide a solid yet effortless grip

  • The side buttons of the Keris II Ace highlighted to show its optimal placing

    Perfectly-placed side buttons

    Side buttons are positioned for better thumb accessibility

  • The right-sided ledge of the Keris II Ace highlighted to show the space your ring finger and little finger can rest on

    Extended side ledge

    The ledge on the right is shaped with extra room to rest your ring finger, which allows better mobility for your index and middle fingers.

  • A side view of the Keris II Ace, with the hump highlighted to show the curve that supports the player’s palm

    Elevated hump

    Curved to run along the palm of your hand for relaxed support

  • A contoured buttons the Keris II Ace highlighted to show where the player’s fingers would rest

    Contoured L/R buttons

    Fingers rest snuggly against the button contours

  • The buttons of the Keris II Ace highlighted to show where PBT material is used

    Textured touch

    Buttons with a durable PBT surface ensures a consistent feel

  • The front corners of the of the Keris II Ace L/R buttons highlighted to show rounded out edges

    Smooth construction

    Edges of the buttons are smoothed downwards to avoid accidental pinches to the fingers

The ROG Polling Rate Booster set atop a black mouse pad with the Keris II Ace mouse and ROG Falchion keyboard

ROG Polling Rate Booster

Experience supersmooth cursor control with the ROG Polling Rate Booster – a new ROG-exclusive accessory that upgrades mouse polling rate up to 4000 Hz in wireless and up to 8000 Hz in wired mode.

  • input delay

  • mouse poll registered by each frame

The higher date report rates lead to lower input lags, as well as much smoother and up-to-date cursor movements to be registered on screen, which translates to more accurate tracking and swiping movements.

You may tap into the functionality of the ROG Polling Rate Booster simply by attaching the receiver of the Keris II Ace directly onto the accessory.

ROG AimPoint Pro Optical Sensor

The new 42,000-dpi ROG AimPoint Pro optical sensor with industry-leading < 1% deviation allows you to track and flick with absolute precision.

  • 100-42,000 DPIWITH< 1% DEVIATION

  • 750 IPS Max speed


This level of performance now extends to almost any table surface with newly incorporated track-on-glass technology.

ROG Optical Micro Switches

The new ROG-exclusive optical micro switches have an astounding 100-million click lifespan and deliver clear-cut signals with instant actuation. Click consistency between the left and right mouse buttons is enhanced through a rigorous process that ensures that switches within the 5 gram-force deviation range are sorted together.

ROG SpeedNova Wireless Technology

Rack up wins with a top-tier wireless solution approved by esports professionals.

Discover more about ROG SpeedNova

Performance on-the-go

  • An image showing the top and bottom side of the ROG Keris II Ace, set atop a full setup background

    Onboard Control

    Preset mouse settings to-go

  • ROG Omni Receiver

    Multi-device connectivity via one single dongle

    Learn more
  • Tri-Mode Connectivity

    Connect with wired USB, 2.4 GHz RF or Bluetooth®

Onboard Control

Preset mouse settings to-go

Calibrate and adjust DPI, polling rate, lift-off distance, or reset your mouse wherever you go with the onboard customization feature. The flexibility means that you can simply connect the Keris II Ace to any device, and you’re ready to roll.

  • - DPI on-the-scroll Press 3 to switch between four DPI settings

  • - Polling rate Press 2 while holding 4

    *Polling Rate Booster required for report rates above 2K Hz

  • - Lift-off distance Press 1 while holding 4

  • - Hardware reset Press 1, 2, 3, 5 at the same time

Image of the ROG Keris II Ace shot from the bottom Image of the ROG Keris II Ace shot from the top
  • 1 Forward Button
  • 2 Backwards Button
  • 3 DPI Button
  • 4 Pairing Button
  • 5 Scroll Wheel
  • ROG Keris II Ace with mouse grip tape

    ROG-patterned grip tape

    Bundled mouse grip tape gives you a more secure grip while also adding a bit of flair.

  • ROG Keris II Ace with the flexible ROG paracord cable attached

    Smooth and swift glide

    The ROG Paracord and 100% PTFE mouse feet allow for ultra-smooth and snag-free mouse movement.

  • A GUI of ROG Armoury Crate Gear

    Armoury Crate Gear

    You can adjust RGB lighting, performance and surface calibration settings, or program and map buttons with the Armoury Crate Gear software, made exclusively for the ROG Keris II Ace.

  • a full ROG set up with aesthetic blue RGB

    Armoury Crate & Aura Sync

    To synchronize lighting across other Aura Sync products, install the original Armoury Crate to access an endless spectrum of colors, preset effects and wallpapers to take the style of your whole setup to the next level.
    *Works with Windows Dynamic Lighting

A tree with the ROG logo in the background A tree with the ROG logo in the background

Dare to ACT Green

We at the Republic of Gamers are on a mission to create a sustainable future where all gamers can flourish on the planet we call home.

Every step counts and as part of ROG’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future, use of plastics in the packaging of ROG Keris II Ace has been reduced, accounting for no more than 1% by weight.

For those who dare, join us on our journey as we make the world a better place.

  1. Consumable mouse grip tape, mouse feet and ROG Polling Rate Booster not covered by warranty.
  2. Onboard memory does not support macros and Windows shortcuts.
  3. Battery life in Bluetooth mode: 134 hours with lighting off and 89 hours with default lighting on.
  4. Battery life in 2.4 GHz RF mode: 107 hours with lighting off and 67 hours with default lighting on.


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