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  • Tom's Hardware

    Editor's Choice Award

    The Asus ROG Swift PG279QM is one of the best gaming monitors I’ve reviewed, and one of the best all-around displays too.

    UNITED STATES 04/26/2022
  • igorslab.de

    Igor's Lab Best in Class

    A very well-made monitor that uses an ultra-fast - 27-inch 240 Hz 1440p - IPS panel that also offers one of the widest color gamut coverages and has a color accuracy usually only found in professional monitors. All this makes the PG279QM the most variable monitor you can currently buy.

    GERMANY 09/22/2022
  • prad.de


    The ASUS PG279QM shines as a gaming monitor with a low response time, a very good latency at 240 Hz and the installed G-Sync module. The new NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer is also a good tool for checking and optimizing the system so that a lower latency can be achieved in the overall system.

    GERMANY 05/26/2021

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    Media Reviews

    • Review Gaming Monitor 27" IPS with 240Hz

      Commart Thailand

      THAILAND 03/01/2022
    • Excellent alternative to AOC products not only in function of the price (sometimes lower than the latter), but also for the experience. Trying this monitor also for a long time I had the feeling of having well spent the 189 euros. The Racing profile is really well calibrated, the colors are balanced and the response times in line with the counterpart. Personally I found the build quality of the VG249Q on a completely different level, including Square-based stands that offer a much more refined


      ITALY 10/17/2022

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