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    Question ROG Strix E Gaming shows incorrect CPU, Asus says wrong chip but..


    So been an ASUS guy for a very, very long time. This is the first problem I've ever had and I'm stumped as well a bit frustrated.

    8 Year old Rampage IV Black Edition with i7 4930K gave up the ghost so I went and spec'ed a new build as I've not been without a computer for work and gaming going on 25 years now. Barring the boring search details but I end up with an ASUS Strix E Gaming board, 32gb of RAM, and the i9 9900k that I was shooting for.

    Parts come in and the build goes well. Fire up the first time and ROG logo shows so things are good, enter the BIOS and it's rev 1005 which I know is an older revision so I find the latest, 1302, and proceed to download. Then I'm struck as to what I see.

    The BIOS reports this 9900k as a Core i5 9600.. Ehh? Wait, likely a BIOS update will help which of course it didn't. Still showing this 9900K incorrectly. Also, the new 2TB Samsung Evo M.2 is not showing or detecting. Odd.. Again, it's very odd.

    I jump on with ASUS support (chat) to proceeds to have me remove the cooler and get the writing on the CPU itself. I explain I'm IT and I checked prior to installing and it's indeed a 9900K. I have the packaging and had to cut into the factory seals to open it. Alas, they tell me the board is not wrong or bad but it's not a 9900K cpu. I disagree and proceed to remove cooler and TIM only to see, what I had already known, it's showing i9 9900K. They don't believe me and the only thing they could tell me is 'The board will detect the chip properly, you don't have a 9900k' so I'm floored. I explain I have the packaging and had to cut the seals; again I get the same response. Now I'm upset.

    Does this happen? Could this have been the wrong die on the wrong format with the incorrect model on the IHS? I've been doing this since the x286 and never have I had a chip that was wrong or counterfeit. I contact Amazon and going to have a call with Intel and Asus to discuss this I guess but felt I could come here and ask. Does this happen? Am I wrong in any way? How to proceed?

    Some images:

    So, again, I'm at a loss and now must go through the process of figuring what/who is wrong here and then deal with Amazon support to get whatever replaced after already going 2 weeks without a system. Sure, I get it, I'm being a grumpy curmudgeon on this but man I've never had issues like this before. What gets me is the M.2 is not detecting either which first led me to something with the board. Well, you know the response I got.

    Thanks for any info, help, gripes, or laughs my way.


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