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    Wrong fan choice and correction

    Hi Rog,

    After refreshing the TIM on my graphics card and cpu, I noticed the performance was much more stable however in a few hours the computer would heat up back to its top temperature and I realized why.

    My Radiator fan is the Noctua NF-S12A-25 which means high airflow but low static pressure. While it's usually pretty quiet it sucks (pun intended) at moving heat from the radiator. This is where my dilemma comes into play as I don't have much experience in fans:

    Would it be better for me to get 2 NF-a12-15's for a PUSH PULL configuration through the radiator, a single NF-A12-25 (A highly recommended sweet spot that might not be best for this case due to no direct vent exit for heat), a single NF-F12-25 for acoustics and better single fan performance (no idea if 2 NF-a12-15's static pressure has a diminishing return higher than this one fan) or a Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM (Throws acoustics out the window but has very high static pressure)

    This is going in to the GamerStorm Tristellar case, so there's only 80mm of clearance. Putting 2 25mm tall fans on a single 38mm 120 Rad (which is the only one that will fit in the case) would exceed that. Also positioning will be key as this fan has to pull the air through a magnetic mesh filter and Push/pull through the radiator.

    I'm leaning towards the iPPC for maximum performance but it can get as loud as 43.5 DB vs my current 17.8. Next up is the 2-15's as the 2 double teaming can compensate for the pressure needed for the mesh and through the radiator, plus be quiet as the work is essentially "halved"

    Currently with the one "silent" fan I have there's only 17 mm of clearance to push the air as it leaves the radiator. Getting 2-15's would make it 12mm... and going one 25 and one 15 would only leave 2 mm which would probably just make a new problem as the air would need to squeeze out the gap and blow over the motherboard (Probably cause whistling or some kind of whooshing noise)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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