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    Hi, thanks for posting and following up with this. I have the exact same issue. Thought it was heat related because somewhere around 60C the screen starts artifacting and soon screen blacks out. Throttled down to 300 MHz and very stable. Felt behind the machine to see if both fans were turning and it felt like the left one was dead. I didn't realize it at the time but this laptop's left side exhaust is actually blocked on purpose so there should be no air on that side. Opened it up and sure enough the left fan was not running. Swapped fan inputs and the fans are good but I must have switched the fan positions when I last cleaned it because after switching them again both fans fired up. Still having the same issue though. Can you tell me what MOSFET they replaced on your board? I know where the main is but there are absolutely no schematics available. I really appreciate any help.

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