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    Network RouterRT-AC88U

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    Slow Speeds on newer firmware

    Network Topology
    FTTH Connection to ONT in basement
    Speeds 1000Mbps Download and 750Mbps Upload.
    RT-AC88U connects to ONT with cat6 cable.
    Desktop connects to router Cat6

    On older firmware 384.45xx entire network has access to full Gig speeds, usually test from at 800-900Mbps.
    Ever since that firmware speeds drop down to 200-300Mbps for all devices on network. Wired and wireless.
    Narrowed it down to be QoS bandwidth Limiter being enabled for some devices was the cause. On the newer firmwares if i disable that feature and manually reboot router full speeds return. If i re enable it speeds drop for the entire network, not just the devices set to have limited bandwidth.

    Im currently talking to Asus try get resolved, have been for last 2months now.
    Currently on their beta firmware version and issue remains.
    They have most recently tried saying Nat Acceleration was the cause but its not confirmed by disabling it and rebooting router but speeds still slow..
    see most recent responce below...

    Please see the response from our R&D Team below.

    After detailed review of this issue, we have found that the root cause is the conflict of whether process packet recognition.

    To achieve the function of the Bandwidth Limiter, which in needs of recognition of each packet to throttle bandwidth. While NAT accelerator is a mechanism to speed up packet transition via by-passing the recognition process. Therefore, the two functions are conflicted in the process of packet recognition, users may only choose one function at a time.

    They have also tried saying this is just how bandwidth limiter works, also not true bandwodth limiter should only effect decices set to have limited bandwidth and the rest of the network shoudl remain as normal unrestricted.
    If i downgrade to older firmware anything from this version or earlier 384.45xx everything is fine with bandwidth limiter enabled and all but if update to anything newer than that and network wide slow speeds 60% loss..

    Has anyone else had this issue or if you have the speeds close to mine can you replicate it?

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