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    PG329Q Display Port Cables

    Hi all,

    I was looking for the specs for the ASUS ROG Display Port Cable that comes in the box with the PG329Q -

    - Display Port 1.4 or 1.2?
    - What speeds are they rated for each resolution - 8k60 hz? 4k 144hz? 2k 240hz?
    - And are they VESA certified cables?

    Tried looking for them online but couldn't find it.

    Many thanks
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    Id imagine they would ship what it takes to run at the stated resolutions and refresh rates. Otherwise it would cause them more issues with returns. Not saying they will be the best cables out there as they are always too short and not heavy duty. Where my tower sits from my monitor I have to buy 10ft cables to get around the back of my desk and up around the routing path through the little hole thats up against a wall. Its not something you can just move either. Very large L shaped desk with full hutches all made from solid wood, no MDF here. Sucker weighs at least 2000 pounds.

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