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    Need some convincing

    Currently I an a Rampage II GENE (which I love). After hearing about some of the new features and taking a look at the R3E I am curious about upgrading.

    I know about most of the new features. I love my current board but wanted to know what there is to gain by going with the new generation (this board or the new GENE). I do love overclocking and plan to go back to water soon and have some fun again. Is the new generation of boards designed to overclock better than before?

    As of right now I keep going back and forth in my head. Hopefully someone can give me a little help in either direction.

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    If you want a better overclocking experience get the R3E.

    Personally i would go with the R3E i made the upgrade from the Rampage 2 Extreme, I and love my new R3E.

    the R2G is a great board buy you are limited on your SLI/CrossFire capacity.

    The Rampage III Extreme has many more features than the Rampage 2

    here are some to list:
    MemOK! (Built in Memory tester)
    Onboard Switches: Power / Clr CMOS ( u have this already)
    USB BIOS Flashback ( update bios when board is off or not postable via USB flash drive, very handy!!!)
    ROG Connect (remote Overclocking through a Laptop/Tablet/Phone via USB or bluetooth connection)
    RC Bluetooth (see one up ^)
    ProbeIt (temp/ volt monitoring, u have this)
    ROG Extreme Engine Digi+ (Very good for CPU overclocking, more stable power to the CPU
    iROG (u have this, its a built in chip for overclocking software)
    CPU LeveUp (u have this, not very useful if u manually OC
    Extreme Tweaker (currently on the RIIG)
    Loadline Calibration (currently on the RIIG)
    Voltiminder LED (currently on the RIIG)
    COP EX (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS C.P.R. (currently on the RIIG)
    ROG Extreme OC Kit (Power leads to read voltages with a multimeter or external device)
    ASUS Fan Xpert (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS MyLogo3 (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS EZ Flash 2 (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 (less bios clearing needed with this)
    Q-Fan Plus (currently on the RIIG)
    ROG BIOS Wallpaper (cool wallpaper included on driver CD)
    ASUS Q-Connector (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS Q-LED (currently on the RIIG)
    ASUS Q-Slot
    ASUS Q-DIMM (easier memory installation and removal)
    4 PCIe 2.0 X16 with CrossFireX and 3-Way SLI Technology support ( with the ASUS ROG Expander the R3E supports 4-Way SLI

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    Well after some more reading and researching I think I will sell my old GENE II and buy the Rampage III Extreme.

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    nice upgrade shift.evolve. do you prefer to use micro atx? if youre going to do just a one time overclock and gaming setup, should check out the Rampage III Gene.

    has many of the features of the new ROG series but again you are limited with some of the extreme features designed specific for overclocking and multi gpu setups

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    Well I bought the GENE II originally because the Rampage II was out of stock and I needed a good mobo before a big lan party. Im thinking of going back to an ATX board since my GENE has only been in a mATX case about a month. Regular sized cases just have so much extra room for cooling and hard drives.

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