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    Quote Originally Posted by Chino View Post
    Did you check the box thoroughly? The nut & M.2 screw come in a small plastic bag. Also check your motherboard. Maybe they come pre-installed already.
    The only small plastic bag I saw was inside of another package for the LN2 plate. I don't see a nut for the smaller 2 M.2 holes. I can't see if there's a 3rd size, let alone if it's filled by a nut. My GPU is in the way. I'll try and look again. Ugh.

    Also, ASUS support was NO help. They referred me to where I made my purchase, which was Amazon. I'm NOT even going to think about disassembling my whole computer and sending it back. There's gotta be another solution, even of it costs me a few bucks. I saw nuts on Amazon for $5.99, but I wouldn't know if they'd work or not.

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