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    Question Asus rog g750js questions

    Hello all

    I have been an owner of the ASUS ROG G750JS on windows 8.1. Great purchase but as with all in PC gaming, its starting to show its age. It has been ages since I came to this forum. I have the following questions:

    1. How can I squeeze out this most of this machine until I upgrade?

    2. The ASUS updater utility.. in the year + i have used this machine, has never gotten me updates... how do I update the drivers for my processer, RAM or whaveter? (I have windows and GFX card updates no issue)

    3. THe ASUS GPU tweak app that I have seems to be the simple version. It shows me the temps and speed of fans and has a GPU overclock selector and run GPU on full speed selector... Is there a better version because
    I cant tell if this thing ever does anything. Although its an option, I cant get the thing to run the fan at full speed.

    4. What can I do to get the most out of the processor?

    My intermediate upgrade will be a gaming monitor. When I return to the US from Germany i will be building a proper desktop.
    Thanks all!!
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