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    Angry Horrible ASUS support

    I had a G750JX - opened 3 tickets regarding it 9 months ago - NOT A SINGLE REPLY !!!!!

    I decided to sell it and buy another Asus product (little did i know how much of a mistake this is going to be). I spent 2.000€ On a "gaming laptop" - GL702VS.
    I have it for about a month now - I contacted support IMMEDIATELY after i found out there are issues with it - i did recieve a reply yesterday (after 30 days), the agent did not read my message completely and just replied with an auto-respond probably. I sent the laptop to the service center - i reinstalled windows before as i had sensitive data on it - they "fixed" the issue by not installing ANY DRIVERS and said everything is fine. ASUS, everything is NOT FINE If your own OFFICIAL drivers do not work !?!?!?!?

    The GENERIC WINDOWS 10 drivers work better with the touchpad, than the OFFICIAL ASUS PTP DRIVER DOES. Like that's not enough, the SD card reader DOESN'T EVEN WORK when you install all of the drivers - i followed the agents' instructions step by step, it just doesn't work!!!!!! And on top of it all, i can't return the damn laptop and also no one wants to buy it because it's so expensive!

    Oh, and as if that's not enough, i contacted the "official Slovenian representatives for ASUS" - they literally ignored me after i replied to their question regarding the problems with the laptop.

    And also, why the hell can't we install sound sonic after we reinstall windows !? It's a part of the damn laptop!!!!!

    I was a really big fan of ASUS products, but all of this finally "got me thinking straight" and starting to buy products from other companies. Seriously can't belive how awful the quality of ASUS support or products are.

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    Hi there,

    I'm very sorry to hear your experience.

    Please send me a PM with your product S/N, RMA#, and Case ID#. I will escalate this case as soon as possible and make sure they help resolve the issues you're having with your laptop as soon as possible.


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