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    Question RGB Header, question regarding the max output ...

    I want to build myself a new PC with Coffee Lake once it arrives and since the coming z370 boards will most likely be very similar if not identical to the z270 I think asking here is fine.

    I want to make use of the AURA Sync and RGB headers and have a question regarding the max output on the Headers.

    1. The 2A limit is per header correct? (in cases with with more than one header)
    2. Is 2A the max each header will output and if I hook up more it will simply not deliver more or can I overdraw and damage the header/board?

    I would like to use one header for outside the case and add a strip longer than 2meters for my desk. Lets say that strip draws 3A at max., will I just get a dimmed strip or damage my mobo? Anybody know?

    Does anybody have something similar set up and can report?

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    1. That's correct.

    2. Most probably damage the header.

    ASUS recommends no longer than 2M so that you get the maximum brightness and effect.

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