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    Keyboard Gaming ROG x Evangelion, Punya Build Quality Maksimal

    INDONESIA 12/19/2023
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Revues vidéo

  • Le PC Fantasmé EVA-02!

  • Un PC Gamer Evangelion à 6800€

  • De retour avec Mathis et Gauthier de French Hardware pour l'assemblage d'une configuration complète ASUS sur le thème EVANGELION. La marque a sorti récemment la collection EVA-02 avec des composants haut de gamme qui permettent de se faire une machine absolument démente, et on vous montre tout !

  • Pilot your own limited edition 3XS EVA02 Powered by ASUS unit and fight against the Angels alongside Asuka Langeley.

  • ASUS ROG Eva-02 Evangelion Full Build

  • This time around it really feels like they just went all-out.

  • 世界一かっこいいゲーミングPCを組みました【ROG×EVAコラボPC】

  • 【最強自作PC】総額100万円を超えるPC環境が完成しましたwwwww【ゆっくり実況/ASUS/ROG/エヴァンゲリオン】

  • The beginning of my WAIFU build! - Asuka Evangelion keyboard and mouse

L'avis des médias

  • "I tried Asus’ ROG Evangelion PC & it’s so cool I don’t want to use my PC again"


    UNITED KINGDOM 11/20/2023
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  • ASUS ROG X Evangelion Project EVA-02


    UNITED KINGDOM 12/18/2023
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  • The second ROG EVA release is here! A fantastic Neon Genesis Evangelion gaming PC for collectors


    UNITED KINGDOM 02/06/2024
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  • “世紀のコラボ”となった「ROG×エヴァンゲリオン第2弾」モデルが集結!EVA2号機&アスカとシンクロできるフルセットを堪能

    Hermitage Akihabara

    JAPAN 01/11/2024
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  • 本日予約開始! ASUSのキーボード&マウスで、ゲームライフが“エヴァ2号機”とシンクロする


    JAPAN 10/27/2023
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  • You can find a lot of designer gaming peripherals on the market. But rarely does anyone win with them, as in this case of ASUS's ROG division, and on top of that, on such a high-quality basis.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 03/01/2024
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