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Prix ASUS estore 99,99 €
Prix ASUS estore 99,99 €
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  • ASUS ROG EYE S Review! I would recommend this to anyone who works from home + office! A web camera you'll want to take everywhere!

  • ROG EYE S vs Logicool C920 Comparison Review (Webcam for Remote Work and Game Distribution)

  • Have you made your own PC yet? *ASUS most powerful Z690 PC* [Fortnite].

    L'avis des médias

    • Reviewing the ASUS ROG Eye S, a powered-up gaming webcam!

      funglr Games

      JAPAN 09/21/2021
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    • 60fps for a webcam! That's what the ROG series is all about!


      JAPAN 07/30/2021
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    • From PCs to mice, keyboards, and Wi-Fi routers! Introducing ASUS gaming products that cover an entire room!

      JAPAN 12/28/2021
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