ROG STRIX 1000W Gold Aura Edition

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Prezzo ASUS eShop 269,90 €
Prezzo ASUS eShop 269,90 €
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  • GinjFo

    4 stars and a half out of 5

    This ROG Strix 1000G Aura Edition is a solid power supply for a Gaming PC. ATX 3.0, it supports the latest generations of graphics cards, while its 1 KW of power meets the needs of a muscular, power-hungry platform.

    FRANCE 06/08/2023
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Recensioni Video

  • ASUS ROG STRIX AURA Edition: ATX 3.0 with beautiful RGB

  • It simply exceeds my expectations.

  • Well, for power supply - a 1000W PSU. You could have looked at 850 W, but their no "too much"

  • To power such a productive PC, you need at least a kilowatt source for a full guarantee of stability.

  • This build is simply the perfect PC for any blogger or content creator. Everything looks very discreet and cool, while the ProArt components guarantee you maximum performance and maximum stability.

  • We're building a new high end PC into ROG Hyperion!

  • We're building a PC for 170,000 but we can't...

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