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Recensioni Video

  • Il ROG Hyperion GR701 è un bellissimo case. E' un Cosmos in versione ROG. Il case ha dette ottime qualità e anche degli elementi introvabili in altri case, come il cassettino porta accessori e strumenti.

  • Pilot your own limited edition 3XS EVA02 Powered by ASUS unit and fight against the Angels alongside Asuka Langeley.

  • ASUS ROG Eva-02 Evangelion Full Build


  • The EVA-02 Fantasy PC!

  • We're building the ULTIMATE Gaming PC equipped with the latest Intel Core i9 14900K, an ROG RTX 4080 and 32 GB of DDR5 at 8000MHz, all installed in the latest ROG case, the Hyperion!

  • An Evangelion Gaming PC for €6800

  • We're back with Mathis and Gauthier from French Hardware to build a full ASUS configuration on the EVANGELION theme. The brand recently released the EVA-02 collection, featuring top-of-the-range components that make it possible to build an absolutely insane machine, and we show you everything!

  • This time around it really feels like they just went all-out.

  • “ROG×エヴァンゲリオン”コラボPCパーツでPCを自作するとこうなるのよ、シンジ君。

  • Powerful computer ROGxEVA, is this a robot or a computer?

  • Likes are not expensive! ROG EVA EDITION, complete set, brutal, complete machine

  • This computer deserves to stand on its own pedestal, or at least on your desk, so you can admire it.

Recensioni Media

  • "I tried Asus’ ROG Evangelion PC & it’s so cool I don’t want to use my PC again"


    UNITED KINGDOM 11/20/2023
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  • ASUS ROG X Evangelion Project EVA-02


    UNITED KINGDOM 12/18/2023
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  • The second ROG EVA release is here! A fantastic Neon Genesis Evangelion gaming PC for collectors


    UNITED KINGDOM 02/06/2024
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  • ROG×エヴァンゲリオンコラボパーツでPCを自作するとこうなる!各パーツと完成形を動画で披露

    PC Watch

    JAPAN 08/02/2022
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  • Review of ROG x EVANGELION, the theme of the EVA-01 model, the best of the collabs.

    Commart Thailand

    THAILAND 07/04/2022
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