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ROG Keycap Set For RX Switches EVA-02 Edition

The ROG Keycap Set for ROG RX Switches EVA-02 Edition offers EVA-inspired keycaps for ROG RX optical mechanical Switches

  • EVA-inspired design: Inspired by Evangelion Unit-02, the color scheme utilizes red and orange colors with design elements from Evangelion Unit-02, Asuka Langley Sohryu, CHANCE! and A.T. Field
  • ROG RX optical mechanical switches: ROG RX optical switches feature central lighting, wobble-free consistent keystrokes and near-zero debounce delay
  • Easy to install: ROG Keycap Puller included, simplifying removal of existing keycaps.

Video Reviews

The EVA-02 Fantasy PC!

An Evangelion Gaming PC for €6800

We're back with Mathis and Gauthier from French Hardware to build a full ASUS configuration on the EVANGELION theme. The brand recently released the EVA-02 collection, featuring top-of-the-range components that make it possible to build an absolutely insane machine, and we show you everything!

This time around it really feels like they just went all-out.

ROG x EVANGELION - Designed by ROG. Tested by NERV. The Ultimate EVA.

ROG continues the EVANGELION project for gamers with a brand-new machine design centered around EVA-02 and Asuka. The second collection debuted with motherboards, graphics cards, cardholder gaming cases, all-in-one coolers, peripherals, and gear. Build the full machine and achieve high levels of synchronization with Asuka.​

< Learn more about ROG x EVANGELION-02//


Level Up Your ROG RX Gaming Keyboard

ROG Keycap set for RX Switches
EVA-02 EDITION Peripheral

The ROG Keycap Set for RX Switches EVA-02 Edition is inspired by Evangelion Unit-02, with the color scheme utilizing red and orange colors with design elements from Evangelion Unit-02, Asuka, CHANCE! and A.T. Field.
Top view of the ROG Keycap Set for RX Switches EVA-02 Edition
A close-up of the ROG Keycap Set for RX Switches EVA-02 Edition

Level Up Your ROG RX Gaming Keyboard

Up your style game by adorning your ROG RX gaming keyboard with the EVA-02-inspired keycap set.

Learn more about ROG Keycap Set for RX Switches //



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