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ROG Claymore II

ROG Claymore II modular TKL 80%/100% gaming mechanical keyboard with ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches, detachable numpad & wrist rest, wired & wireless 2.4G modes, extra customizable clicky hotkeys, volume control wheel and wireless Aura Sync.

  • Play It Your Way: Detachable numpad can be attached to either side of the 80% keyboard to suit personal play styles and gaming setups
  • ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches: RX Red and RX Blue switches feature centralized lighting and provide consistent wobble-free keystrokes with near-zero debounce delay
    Learn more about ROG RX Keyboard Switches
  • PBT doubleshot keycaps: PBT keycaps offer a premium feel and long-lasting durability that feature unique ROG legends for stylish illumination
  • Lag-Free Connection: Ultrafast 1 ms response in both wired or 2.4 GHz wireless modes
  • Outstanding Battery Life: 4000 mAh battery provides up to 43 hours of use (full-size with lighting on), and keyboard includes built-in LED battery-level indicator
  • Fast Charge & USB Passthrough: Easily switch between USB-C® fast charging and USB Type-A passthrough
  • Intuitive Control: Four fully customizable hotkeys and a built-in volume control wheel on the numpad
  • Wireless Aura Sync: Synchronized light effects — even in wireless mode
  • Ergonomic Design: Detachable magnetic wrist rest for comfortable marathon gaming sessions


Video Reviews

The review from the channel ASUS ROG BALTICS

Video review from the channel TheTanelChannel Rating 9.9 out of 10


I'm certainly impressed at the build quality as well as the R&D that has gone into creating all the peripherals that I've tried today.

Overall, I'm actually really excited to be using this in the days to come.

And if you are someone that wants a clean set up that works, these are great choices.

Very very solid option for keyboard and mouse

When I saw the ROG Glaymore II, I instantly wanted it. The ROG Chakram is my favourite mouse

ASUS ROG Claymore II: wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with detachable numpad

ASUS ROG Claymore II Gaming Tastatur mit modularem Numpad

I changed my GAMING KEYBOARD (again)... and it is PERFECT !

A very surprising mechanical keyboard - ASUS ROG CLAYMORE II

I offered him a 6500€ Setup GAMER !



Finally, there is a keyboard on the market that exactly meets my needs.

Have you checked out Zizan Razak 's latest all ROG PC build lately!? 🤩 If you haven't, click on the link and admire this absolute beauty of a build!

With all the hype around this keyboard, is the Asus ROG CLAYMORE II worth the RM900+ for Malaysians? I try to answer this question in the video!

If you want to use the numeric keypad, just put it on the left side.

Kali ini Picel akan bahas lagi sebuah Keyboard dan Mouse dari ASUS Republic Of Gamers buat para teman-teman sekalian yang sedang mencari keyboard dan mouse wireless untuk mendampingi sesi gaming sekarang ini yaitu Keyboard ROG Claymore 2 dan juga ROG Gladius 3 Wireless. Kedua device ini memiliki koneksi wireless sehingga akan menarik untuk kita review terutama buat kita yang cari mouse dan keyboard wireless tapi dengan performa tinggi seperti ini.

Gak usah Costum2, Udah ENAK Banget ini! ASUS ROG Claymore II

ASUS Claymore II | Keyboard Gaming Mechanical Wireless Canggih

ASUS ROG Claymore II itu boleh dibilang bawa evolusi besar kalo keyboard gaming ternyata bisa mudahin banyak hal, entah buat main game, editing, atau apapun yang biasa dilakukan user modern. Cuma buat lebih pastinya, pantengin terus video ini!

Monitor & Peripheral Gaming ROG Paling Laku 2021! Wawancara Eksklusif dengan Tim ASUS ROG Component

This Gear combo "gives" really #phongvu #Review

PC more than 100 full Rog Strix #Shorts #satisfying #satisfyingvideo #ODDLYSATISFYING

Review the new ROG Gaming Gear

The new Gaming Keyboard can adjust Full size or TKL and Gaming Mouse

Review ROG Gaming Gear, The new Gaming Keyboard and mouse

The new Gaming Keyboard TKL 80% or Full size 100% with ROG switches Wireless mode up to 144 hours /1 charging

Video review from the channel Pro Девайсы

The ultimate keyboard! it's perfect!

ROG Claymore II is a custom keyboard that can be used in three different modes. Claymore II, which can be used as a classic full-size keyboard, can also be used as a TKL.

If you say that I am talented, but my equipment limits my abilities, then you can take your performance and talent to a higher level by buying such beautiful equipment.

It is a very nice keyboard in terms of switch, quality and additional features it offers.

Either wired or wireless, this is a gaming keyboard that we liked very much, with a 1 ms response time and exquisite optical mechanical keys with a great feel. This product fits very well with both ASUS ROG gaming desktops and gaming laptops, making typing and playing much more enjoyable and also can create an advantage in competitive gaming.

How to clean the keyboard ?! ASUS ROG CLAYMORE II REVIEW + CLEANING

Very high quality stabilizers, LEDs in the corner, multimedia buttons and scroll wheel - that's what I would want in every keyboard. I liked the Claymore a bit more, but the price point is more for the connoisseur. I liked the ROG Strix Scope RX the most, which also has water spill resistance and again, solid stabilizers and very good workmanship as well as a price to match.

Those few little things which could have been better in Claymore, ARE better in Claymore II.

Video review from the channel HDTanel

Video review from the TheTanelChannel

Video review from the channel HDTanel Rating 9.9 out of 10

Video review from the channel ROG CIS

Video review from the channel ASUS ROG CIS

Video review from the channel Uldons TV

Video review from the channel Konsumer

Video review from the FunFaceTV channel

Because of its performance, the ASUS ROG Claymore II is considered to get AXE Advanced Design as well as AXE Diamond award.

Add to that an ultra-fast wireless connection with 1ms of response and in front of you is a keyboard that easily wins the Platinum Award.

The review from the channel Texnoplov

Media Reviews

ROG Claymore II, top view


The ROG Claymore II elite gaming keyboard delivers a host of features designed to give you exciting new ways to play. Create your ideal gaming setup by placing the new detachable numpad on whichever side you prefer; then choose between wired or wireless mode and light it all up with Aura Sync. And once you’re in battle, assume full tactical control with ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches and customizable hotkeys.

Numpad needs to be connected to the keyboard for power



Play It Your Way

The detachable numpad can be attached on either side of the keyboard, or it can be removed entirely if you prefer to use ROG Claymore II in TKL mode (80%). It can also be programmed to be used as a macro keypad for complex in-game commands. This flexibility gives you various combinations to suit your play style and gaming setup.

P.S. The numpad may wobble when attached to the main keyboard due to the slot-in design. This design tolerance prevents damage to the slot-in mechanism and does not affect performance or the physical device connection.


The detachable numpad has a new slot-in design for a secure and robust connection to the keyboard.

The detachable numpad connects to the ROG Claymore II through a new slot-in mechanism

ROG RX Optical
Mechanical Switches

ROG RX Red and RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches offer consistent, wobble-free keystrokes with a superfast 1 ms response and 100-million-keystroke lifespan. These premium switches have a hollow-square stem design and they feature embedded RGB LEDs providing all-round per-key lighting.

Learn more
Front view of ROG Claymore II, some keycaps have been removed to show the ROG RX switches


ROG PBT Doubleshot Keycaps provide a unique and premium feel, as well as offer long-lasting durability. The precise double-shot molding process results in translucent keycaps* that feature seamless ROG script for a unique look, offering consistent lighting and a look that’s unmistakably ROG.

P.S. Keycap material may vary by regions.

Front view of ROG Claymore II, some keycaps have been removed to show the ROG RX switches Front view of ROG Claymore II, some keycaps have been removed to show the ROG RX switches

Lag-Free Connection

Play in wired or wireless 2.4 GHz RF mode, with a superfast 1 millisecond response time.

Rear view of ROG Claymore II to show the connector port for use in wired mode Rear view of ROG Claymore II to show the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle


2.4G RF Wireless

Outstanding Battery Life

A 4000 mAh battery and energy-efficient design give you up to 43 hours of nonstop gaming in wireless mode on a single charge, even with RGB lighting on.

On a Single Charge
UP TO 43 HOURS LIGHTING ON (100% brightness) P.S. Based on 100% full-size configuration
Image of ROG Claymore II with a digital blueprint effect to highlight its internal battery

Fast Charge OR
USB Passthrough

30 minutes of USB-C fast charging* allows ROG Claymore II to be operated for up to 18 hours (lighting off). The fast-charge function can be switched off to use the provided USB passthrough for convenient connection to other devices.

*Fast charging only works with a Type-C to Type-C connection. Toggle between fast charging and USB passthrough functions by pressing Fn + F12 *USB passthrough only works when Claymore II is connected to a USB-C® port or USB 3.0 port.
*The maximum current that the USB passthrough port can provide is 500mA / 0.5A; devices that require current higher than 500mA / 0.5A might not work through the USB passthrough port.

Toggle between fast charging and USB passthrough functions by pressing Fn + F12.
A charging icon
A USB icon
Close-up view of the ROG Claymore II’s battery status indicator Rear view of ROG Claymore II in USB hub mode. It shows the keyboard with a wired USB-C connection while having another device connected to it





Intuitive Control

The detachable numpad includes four media control keys that can be programmed into hotkeys for convenient productivity shortcuts or macro in-game commands. There’s even a built-in control wheel for quick volume adjustment.

01-04 hot key

volume control

Default as media keys :

01 – Previous Track
02 – Skip Track
03 – Play/Pause
04 – Mute Audio

Close-up view of ROG Claymore II to show the four extra buttons on the numpad
Close-up view of ROG Claymore II to show the volume control wheel on the numpad

Wireless Aura Sync

With wireless Aura Sync RGB, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command. Individually lit keys allow you to create a keyboard that’s uniquely yours. Customize and shine in your own way, wirelessly.

  • Static
  • Breathing
  • Color Cycle
  • Rainbow
  • Starry Night
  • Strobing
  • Music
  • Adaptive
  • Dark
  • Smart
ROG Claymore II includes 10 Aura Sync lighting effects
0 40 60 100 Low point : 40 o C High point : 60 o C
Note: Only when devices with monitoring capabilities are present.
Blue : Normal scenes Yellow : Alert scenes Red : Danger/ Hurting

Note: Lighting synchronization between ROG mice and keyboards is enabled and controlled via Armoury Crate software, while synchronization with other components is enabled and controlled via ASUS Aura Sync software.

Play in Comfort

The plush magnetic leatherette wrist rest can be attached to ROG Claymore II for comfortable marathon gaming.

A user is typing while resting its left hand on the ROG Claymore II’s wrist rest
ROG Claymore II Armoury Crate UI

Armoury CRATE

Armoury Crate unifies system and lighting controls.
Easily create and define and customize scenario profiles, map keys, record macro at your fingertips.

  • Onboard memory

    Save up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes, and use them anytime, anywhere.

  • 100% Anti-Ghosting & N-Key Rollover

    Every keystroke is registered accurately without miss no matter how fast you play.

  • On-the-Fly Macro Recordings

    Record macros on the fly and map them to fully programmable keys.

  • Windows Lock Key

    Disable the Windows key with a single press for undisturbed gaming.


    Provides a strong and stable wireless connection.

  • USB-C® to Type-A Adapter

    Bundled adapter for compatibility with laptops or PCs with a USB Type-A port.


    Built-in LED indicator to check battery level at a glance.


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ROG Tech Pouch BC1003

All your gear, ready to go


ROG Eye USB camera with Full HD 1080p streaming at 60fps, Face AE technology, and beamforming microphone for high streaming video and audio quality


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