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Enfriamiento líquido de CPU todo en uno ASUS ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB; Ventiladores ARGB magnéticos conectables en cadena; LCD de 3.5" para monitoreo de hardware y GIF personalizados

  • La pantalla LCD de 3.5" proporciona monitoreo instantáneo de información del hardware y animaciones GIF personalizables, ahora con el doble de espacio de almacenamiento.
  • La última bomba Asetek de 8.ª generación con motor trifásico ofrece el máximo rendimiento de refrigeración, mayor flujo y menor impedancia, además de reducción de ruido.
  • Un ventilador integrado con un nuevo diseño de marco en forma de anillo y canales de flujo de aire avanzados mejora la reducción del calor alrededor del área VRM.
  • Los ventiladores magnéticos ROG ARGB de primera calidad conectables en cadena con LED Gen 2 permiten a los usuarios personalizar los efectos de iluminación.
  • Armoury Crate ofrece control completo de las velocidades de la bomba, el ventilador integrado y el ventilador del radiador, y permite mostrar animaciones personalizadas y estadísticas del sistema en la pantalla LCD.
  • También se proporciona una licencia AIDA 64 gratuita de un año para el monitoreo avanzado del sistema.


Video Reseñas


THE BEST, BUT THERE'S A CATCH... ASUS ROG Ryujin III CPU AIO - Overview, Screen Demo & Benchmarks!

Could This Be The Future? | ASUS A21 mATX Gaming PC Build

There are also a lot of you out there that just want the most high-end, the most RGB, and most over-the-top hardware.

ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB - Installation Guide & Performance Test

Such a processor should be cooled with something no less modern and efficient, with a radiator of at least 300 mm.

The most interesting thing in this LC system is the water block, it has been slightly improved and modified here.

A bunch of coolers for your processors! A 96 mechanical keyboard ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless

In addition to the unpacking itself, in the video you can also see how we mount the cooler on the AM5 socket, which we will discuss in more detail later in the text. Besides AM5, it also supports AM4, LGA1700, 1200 and 115x sockets. A very important fact is that Asus gives a 6-year warranty on the cooler.

Another trick that ASUS throws in on this ARGB version of the RYUJIN is the luminous magnetized fans with very nice specs, as much as 70CFM on 12s.

ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB

Cooler than Cool

Go cooler than cool with the Ryujin III. An expansive 3.5-inch LCD screen displays live system stats, animated GIFs, or even your own custom artwork. Underneath, a new 8th Gen Asetek pump quietly, paired with larger coolant tubes, keeps the latest processors from Intel and AMD cool, while an embedded Axial-tech fan helps control motherboard VRM temps. And the coolant within flows through a higher capacity radiator graced with three ROG 120 mm ARGB fans that utilize magnets to make installation a snap.

Magnetic Daisy-Chainable Fans

The customizable ARGB fans snap together with a magnetic connector that links the fans and transmits control signals and power. Only one cable is required for all three fans, making installation and cable management a breeze.

  • 2200RPM

    Fan Speed

  • 36.45dB(A)

    Fan Noise

  • 3.88mm

    H2O Air Pressure

  • 70.07cfm


Full Color
3.5” LCD Display

Internal memory has also been doubled to support clearer default animations and longer videos.

  • 2X Upload Capacity

    16 → 32 MB

  • 4X Frame Support

    500 → 2000 Frames

  • 60 FPS

  • 24 BIT

Armoury Crate wallpaper setting
Ryujin III LCD display

Ryujin III

Ryujin II LCD display

Ryujin II

Full Color 3.5” LCD Display

System Monitoring

The industry-leading 3.5-inch LCD built into the pump block delivers instant monitoring of clock frequencies, voltages, temperatures, fan speeds and water flow, or your custom GIFs.

Armoury Crate system monitoring
Ryujin III LCD display

Full Color 3.5” LCD Display

Personalized Animation

Choose a pre-designed animation from the ROG gallery, or easily add one of your own.

Armoury Crate wallpaper setting
Ryujin III LCD display

Full Color 3.5” LCD Display

Custom Wallpaper

Do you prefer banners or clan logos? Choose one designed by ROG, or put your own text or JPEG file on proud display at the heart of your rig.

Armoury Crate wallpaper setting
Ryujin III LCD display
wallpaper animation wallpaper animation wallpaper animation wallpaper animation wallpaper animation

Exploded View

The 8th Gen Asetek pump sports a 3-phase motor for higher flow and quieter operation, riding on a larger cold plate ideally sized for the latest Intel and AMD processors.

exploded view
  1. 3.5” Full Color LCD

  2. Fan Vents

  3. 8th Gen Asetek pump
    3-phase motor

  4. Aluminum Bezel

  5. Embedded VRM Fan

  6. Cold Plate

  7. Retention Kit

Cool Upgrades

  • New Cold Plate

    The contact surface is now 32% larger to keep the chill on power hungry processors.

    cold plate
  • Enhanced Tubing

    The sleeved rubber is wrapped in braided mesh, and the inner diameter has been enlarged from 5 mm to 7 mm to reduce flow resistance.

    sleeved rubber tubing sleeved rubber tubing
  • Thicker Radiator

    399.5mm x 120mm x 30mm radiator — 3mm thicker than previous gen, for improved cooling performance.

    thicker radiator

Embedded VRM Fan

A larger embedded Axial-tech fan improves airflow, reducing motherboard VRM temperatures by up to 35 Celsius.

VRM Test Performance

  • 70

    Embedded Fan ON

  • 105

    Embedded Fan OFF

  • Embedded VRM Fan ON

  • Embedded VRM Fan OFF

*Test based on Intel® Core™ i9-13900K and ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO

Software Personalization

Fan Control

This generation of ROG all-in-one coolers now includes software that lets you control the speeds of your pump and embedded fan, in a way that should be instantly recognizable to FanXpert veterans.

Fan control interface

AIDA64 Extreme

The ROG Ryujin III ARGB also comes with a one-year subscription to AIDA 64 Extreme, whose data can be fed live onto the cooler’s LCD screen to get even more info on the state of your system.

Learn More About AIDA64 >
AIDA64 Extreme entry
hardware information monitoring
Ryujin III LCD display


The ROG Ryujin III series features 400 mm of tubing and is compatible with a wide range of Intel® and AMD motherboard platforms, giving you ample processor and build flexibility.



LGA 1700, 1200, 115X


AM5, AM4

Ryujin III 360 ARGB


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