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Intel® Z790 LGA 1700 ATX motherboard with 18 + 1 power stages, DDR5, five M.2 slots, PCIe® 5.0 NVMe® SSD slot with M.2 Combo-Sink, PCIe 5.0 x16 SafeSlot with Q-Release, WiFi 6E, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C® rear I/O port and front-panel connector with PD 3.0 up to 30W, AI Overclocking, AI Cooling II, and Aura Sync RGB lighting

  • Intel® LGA 1700 socket: Ready for 13th Gen Intel® Core processors & 12th Gen Intel Core, Pentium® Gold and Celeron® Processors
  • Robust Power Solution: 18 + 1 power solution rated for 90A per stage with dual ProCool II power connectors, high-quality alloy chokes, and durable capacitors to support multi-core processors
  • Optimized VRM Thermals: Massive heatsinks with integrated I/O cover high-conductivity thermal pads, and connected with an L-shaped heatpipe
  • Next-Gen M.2 Support: PCIe® 5.0 M.2 slot with Combo-sink and backplate, and four PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots all with heatsinks
  • Abundant Connectivity: USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C® rear I/O port and front-panel connector with PD 3.0 up to 30W, eleven additional USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Gen 1 ports, PCIe 5.0 x16 SafeSlot, HDMI® 2.1, and DisplayPort 1.4
  • High-Performance Networking: On-board Intel WiFi 6E (802.11ax) and Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard
  • Intelligent Control: ASUS-exclusive AI Overclocking, AI Cooling II, AI Networking and Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation to simplify setup and improve performance
  • Immersive Gaming Audio: ALC4080 with Savitech SV3H712 amplifier, along with DTS® Sound Unbound and Sonic Studio III
  • Unmatched Personalization: ASUS-exclusive Aura Sync RGB lighting, including one RGB header and three addressable Gen 2 headers
  • DIY Friendly Design: PCIe Slot Q-Release, M.2 Q-Latch, pre-mounted I/O shield, Q-LED, BIOS FlashBack button, BIOS FlashBack LED, and Clear CMOS button
  • Renowned Software: Bundled 60-day AIDA64 Extreme trial subscription and intuitive UEFI BIOS dashboard with integrated MemTest86


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Intel i7 13700K Value Value Verbation for Performance

ٍِASUS ROG STRIX Z790 اخيرا وصل الجيل الجديد

معلومات مهمة قبل ما تشتري انتل الجيل 13 و لوحات Z790 Asus rog strix gaming

فتح صندوق مذربورد ROG Z790 -E WIFI اسطورية من الاخر 🔥

We have secured a bunch of Z790 boards from ASUS to go over some things you should consider before buying, so you have all the features you need and leave the ones you don’t.

ASMR Unboxing of the ROG STRIX Z790-E

ASUS Z790 Strix-E Unboxing #shorts

The new ASUS Z790 motherboards for Intel's Core i9-13900K CPU and more

A particularly well-equipped I/O shield

We have a quick over look of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WiFi motherboard that's unique to the Intel Raptor Lake or 13th Generation processors!

Best components

This is designed to provide complete features for people who want to build a computer to play games or used in conjunction with Processor Intel Core in Generation 13 code K

The ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI offers improved compatibility with high-frequency ram.

The ROG Hyperion GR701 is a beautiful case. It is a Cosmos in the ROG version. The case has said very good qualities and also elements that cannot be found in other cases, such as the accessory and tool tray.

PCDIY with desription of components and how to

Up to 20Gbs usb-C on rear slots or power delivery front USB after 60W on new Intel boards. Three gaming boards of your choice.

Motherboard Upgrade to ROG Strix Z790 E Gaming WiFi

Build quality, powerful power supply unit, rich equipment (two USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 ports, WiFi 6E, five M.2 slots, 2.5-gigabit LAN, audio unit), UEFI interface, software support.

Video review from the channel ASUS ROG CIS

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Slash the 6GHz barrier in style with the Strix Z790-E. Translucent shrouds outline its RGB ignition panel, alluding to its ability to jump into lightspeed under the guidance of AI Overclocking and a hyper-reactive VRM. DDR5 enhancements and an assortment of PCIe 5.0 options ramp up velocity even further, and setup is a breeze thanks to its unique Q-Design feature set.

Click to check our Z790 Motherboard Guide

intel CORE, intel CHIPSET Z790 logos 1 MONTH FREE Adobe Creative Cloud
The ROG Strix Z790-E is ready to launch into lightspeed.
  • AI Overclocking

    Effortless performance boost

  • AI Cooling II

    One-click fan tuning

  • PCIe 5.0

    x1 PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, and x1 onboard M.2​

  • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2

    x1 I/O port, and x1 connector for PD 3.0 at 30W

  • 18 + 1 Power Stages

  • DDR5 Memory

  • WiFi 6E

  • DIY Friendly


  • PCIe® Slot Q-Release

  • M.2 Q-Latch


  • BIOS FlashBack™

  • Q-Code

  • Start Button


  • Cooling
  • Gaming Immersion
  • Connectivity


ROG Strix Z790-E performance specifications
ROG Strix Z790-E performance specifications
  1. Dual ProCool II Power Connectors
  2. Intel® Socket LGA 1700 for 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, and 12th Gen Intel® Core™, Pentium® Gold, and Celeron® Processors​
  3. Expansion Slots
    • 1 x PCIe 5.0 x16 Safeslot (x16)​ [CPU]​
    • 2 x PCIe 4.0 x16 slots (x4) [Chipset]
  4. 18 + 1 Power Stages
  5. DDR5 7800+ (OC)
    • 4 x DIMM
    • Dual channel
  6. 5 x M.2 Slots​
    • 1 x M.2 22110 (PCIe 5.0 x4)​
    • 3 x M.2 2280 (PCIe 4.0 x4)​
    • 1 x M.2 2280 (PCIe 4.0 x4 & SATA)​


Every aspect of the Strix Z790-E is finely tuned so the processor, memory, and connected devices can run in lockstep in order to achieve breakneck speeds.

  • PCIe 5.0
  • Power Design
  • Memory
  • Cooling


Tuning is now faster and smarter than ever before. ASUS AI Overclocking profiles the CPU and cooling to predict the optimal configuration and push the system to its limits. Predicted values can be engaged automatically or used as a launching ground for further experimentation.

AI Overclocking


Lightning-fast networking keeps the Strix Z790-E in sync with the outside world for uninterrupted gaming and creation. In addition to breakneck data transfers, connected devices can now top-up quickly thanks to 30W charging support. And SupremeFX audio makes sound clear and punchy to shape truly immersive experiences.

  • USB
  • Audio
ROG Strix Z790-E features WiFi 6E, an included antenna, and 2.5 Gb ethernet

    The antenna has two built-in transmitters and receivers to enable faster transmission speeds, and it supports the 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz bands.


    Four-way positioning enables better signal reception.


    A powerful magnetic base secures the antenna on the top or side of the PC case.

USB 3.2 GEN 2X2

The Strix Z790-E comes loaded with two USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C® connectors for speedy data transfers up to 20 Gbps. One is a port on the rear I/O; the other can be attached to the chassis front panel and it also features Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 technology to quickly charge devices up to 30W.

  • The ROG Strix Z790-E features a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 front-panel connector with 30W charging.


Black PCB and heatsinks compliment most hardware, and customizable RGB lighting furthers the flexibility. Pair the Strix Z790-E with other products from the diverse ROG ecosystem to create a fully customized gaming setup that reflects your personal style.

  • Aura Sync
  • Ecosystem


Diagonal slats, brushed aluminum, and bold RGB have become hallmarks of the ROG aesthetic, and the Strix Z790-E bears all of them with pride. But for this generation, translucent diffusers line the I/O shroud and the Q-Release array, softly contrasting the metallic heatsinks nearby.

The ROG Strix Z790-E front and back designs offer a clean, modern aesthetic


A myriad of ROG-exclusive tools put advanced system tuning and configuration at your fingertips.

  • Optimization
  • Gaming Audio
  • AIDA64 Extreme
  • Armoury Crate
ROG Strix Z790-E AI Cooling II user interface


Balance the thermals and acoustics of any build with a single click. A proprietary ASUS algorithm slashes unnecessary noise while running a quick stress test, and then monitors CPU temperatures to dynamically adjust fans to optimal speeds.


Product has High-Definition Multimedia Interface


  • تُعد مصطلحات HDMI ، و HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface ، والمظهر التجاري HDMI ، وشعارات HDMI ، علامات تجارية أو علامات تجارية مسجلة لشركة HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.
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  • سيتم توزيع المنتجات المعتمدة من قبل لجنة الاتصالات الفيدرالية والصناعة الكندية في الولايات المتحدة وكندا. يرجى زيارة موقعي ASUS USA و ASUS Canada للحصول على معلومات حول المنتجات المتاحة محليًا.
  • سيتم توزيع المنتجات المعتمدة من قبل لجنة الاتصالات الفيدرالية والصناعة الكندية في الولايات المتحدة وكندا. يرجى زيارة موقعي ASUS USA و ASUS Canada للحصول على معلومات حول المنتجات المتاحة محليًا.
  • جميع المواصفات عرضة للتغيير دون إشعار مسبق. يرجى التحقق من المورد الخاص بك للعروض الدقيقة. قد لا تكون المنتجات متاحة في جميع الأسواق.
  • تختلف المواصفات والميزات حسب الطراز ، وجميع الصور توضيحية. يرجى الرجوع إلى صفحات المواصفات للحصول على التفاصيل الكاملة.
  • ألوان PCB وإصدارات البرامج المرفقة عرضة للتغيير دون إشعار.
  • أسماء العلامات التجارية والمنتجات المذكورة هي علامات تجارية خاصة بكل منها.
  • ما لم ينص على خلاف ذلك ، تستند جميع تجارب الأداء على الأداء النظري. قد تختلف الأرقام الفعلية في مواقف العالم الحقيقي.
  • ستختلف سرعة النقل الفعلية لـ USB 3.0 و 3.1 و 3.2 و / أو Type-C اعتمادًا على العديد من العوامل بما في ذلك سرعة معالجة الجهاز المضيف وخصائص الملف وعوامل أخرى تتعلق بتكوين النظام وبيئة التشغيل الخاصة بك.
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