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Recommended Award

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero is feature packed and has quality VRM’s. It looks great and performs well and is one of their best selling motherboards of previous generations.

UNITED STATES 2017/11/17


Editor's Choice

Of the handful of Z370 boards we’ve tested so far, this Maximus X is kind of our Hero, and that’s not just its name. The performance was impressive from start to finish with the Hero taking first place in the majority of our test suites and programs.

UNITED STATES 2017/10/10


Worth Buying

It is within those main areas – customisation, watercooling and overclocking/diagnostics – that the Maximus X Formula cements itself as a premium offering in a demanding but niche market segment.


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Best Buy

“A fantastic Z370 motherboard with all the essential enthusiast features and decent overclocking abilities, all for a reasonable price”




“The Asus Maximus X Hero has some of that special sauce, from a really useful, good-looking I/O shield, capable M.2 heatsink, cooling opportunities through a raft of fan headers (including one dedicated to heavy-duty watercooling) and handy onboard buttons.”





GERMANY 2017/10/05



“Asus has also created a feature-packed and much more premium-feeling motherboard here too, and ultimately it would be in our top three if we were building a water-cooled rig with a decent budget.”




“Once again ASUS has delivered with their Maximus spec motherboard and whilst it is very similar to its predecessor, it does add some nice, incremental upgrades. The only real let downs here come from the Intel side, mainly the lack of backwards compatibility and the incremental CPU performance increases...”


Tech TeamGB

Worth Money

“It is certainly worth your money if you are looking for a motherboard in this price point.”




“The carefully placed headers, wide selection of expansion and storage options as well as the extremely easy-to-use BIOS mean that the ASUS Z370 Maximus X Hero is yet another in a long line of successful ASUS product launches and wins our OC3D Performance Award.”



Excellent Hardware

Excellent Hardware

GERMANY 2017/12/10



ASUS’ motherboard may be the most expensive, but it justifies that with a winning combination of good looks, strong overclocking performance, and an extensive feature set that will appeal to enthusiasts.

SINGAPORE 2018/02/14


8.5 out of 10

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero sits in something of a sweet spot between the mainstream and enthusiast market.

SINGAPORE 2018/02/07

Hardware MAG

Best Intel Z370 Motherboard

ASUS motherboards command a premium, but they justify it with a winning combination of design elements, extensive features, solid performance and strong overclocking.

SINGAPORE 2018/02/01


Editor's Choice 2018

Editor's Choice 2018

SINGAPORE 2018/01/31


Excellent hardware

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero is a good product that’s definitely worth the money, especially if you’re building a futureproof PC

RUSSIA 2018/05/18


The smart choice

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero features classy looks, top-quality components, a lot of expansion slots and ports, and exceptional overclocking potential

RUSSIA 2018/04/19


i2hard approves

The ROG Maximus X Hero is so balanced and comprehensive, so thought-through and perfectly designed that we can hardly find anything better than this 10th hero at the moment

RUSSIA 2018/04/06


Good Buy

The ASUS Maximus X Hero features an excellent price/performance ratio

RUSSIA 2018/03/16



The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero offers a great selection of BIOS settings and features excellent looks. With this mainboard, you get all the cutting-edge technologies and opportunities for extreme CPU overclocking

RUSSIA 2018/02/10


Editor’s Choice

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero features great overclocking capabilities, excellent cooling of the SSD you install in the M.2 slot, and support for water cooling solutions

RUSSIA 2018/02/08


Excellent Hardware

The ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero is a very good mainboard for Intel Coffee Lake-S CPUs. It is free from serious downsides

RUSSIA 2017/12/12


Editor Recommended 2017

隨著 Intel 第 8 代處理器的腳步,華碩 ROG MAXIMUS 系列來到第「X」世代,針對 Z370 晶片組 ROG MAXIMUS 一系列三款從水冷高階 FORMULA、超頻 APEX 與 ROG 入門的 HERO,首波即有著高階產品,讓第 8 代 K 系列處理器不寂寞

TAIWAN 2017/10/01


Editor Recommended 2017

HERO 做為 ROG MAXIMUS 系列中的入門款,雖不像 FORMULA 有著性感裝甲,亦不像 APEX 個性鮮明的超頻性能設計,HERO 有著 ROG 的精神與附加功能;這代 HERO 僅支持 Intel 8th Gen Core 處理器,採用 Z370 晶片組。

TAIWAN 2017/10/01

The Streaming Blog

Award - Perfect for Gaming

If you are an ROG type of person, then it will be extremely difficult to ignore and not like ASUS’ new ROG – Maximus-X Hero.

AUSTRALIA 2018/04/05

The Streaming Blog

Award - Kicks Ass

If you are an ROG type of person, then it will be extremely difficult to ignore and not like ASUS’ new ROG – Maximus-X Hero.

AUSTRALIA 2018/04/05



The Maximus X Hero motherboard offers enough features, has a lovely design and would be a very nice mate for your Coffee Lake processor

NETHERLANDS 2017/10/05


Editor's Choice

A convincing Editor's Choice because of the attention to detail and top notch execution.

NETHERLANDS 2017/10/05


GECID.com: The Choice of Gamers

ROG MAXIMUS X HERO is definitely recommended for purchase by anyone looking for a high-level solution but does not want to overpay for example for including the wireless module

UKRAINE 2018/02/16

ITC Online

ITC.UA. Editor's Choice 2017. Motherboards

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO: new motherboard of the heroic lineup is captivating not only with excellent features, but also the attention to detail that make up the overall impression of the product

UKRAINE 2017/12/22

ITC Online

ITC.ua: Editor's Choice

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO is worthy to be chosen by the user who decided to gain a foothold on the updated Intel platform and wants to get the most out of the new processors

UKRAINE 2017/11/10

Profesional Review


All the games in 4K resolution have run to more than 60 FPS, while in Full HD resolution has gone over. Currently the best combination of the market!

SPAIN 2017/10/05


Recommended product

If we imagine a good motherboard for the new Coffee Lake, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO is an excellent candidate: high definition audio circuit, good amount of passive heatsinks, possibility of adding pieces made in 3D, total customization of RGB leds present and of the extra strips that we decide to install, good quantity and variety of connections, ample and complete UEFI BIOS

SPAIN 2017/10/05

Peperaio Hardware


Apesar de ser praticamente um refresh da Maximus IX Hero, este modelo trouxe pequenos mimos para agradar os entusiastas dispostos a entrar na nova plataforma. Neste vídeo eu faço um rápido overview e comento sobre as minhas experiências com esta placa.

BRAZIL 2018/02/05



Asus Maximus X Hero é boa opção para um PC Gamer de alto desempenho baseado em Intel Core 8 Gen

BRAZIL 2017/11/16


good product

ASUS ROG Maximus X HERO is a great foundation for a hardcore computer player or enthusiast.

POLAND 2018/02/20


great quality

The AURA LED backlight is here and controlled, but there is no New Year's tree effect and it just looks great.

POLAND 2018/02/20

Hardware Zone

9 out of 10

Back in late September, ASUS held a technical seminar, introducing what were basically the company’s new Z370 chipset motherboards that are obviously catered to Intel’s new 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs.

MALAYSIA 2017/10/10


Test Best Performance

ASUS motherboards command a premium, but they justify it with a winning combination of design elements, extensive features, solid performance, and strong overclocking. From the get go, you’ve got useful hardware that caters to all level of users up to extreme LN2 overclocking. Even if you just want to add bling to your rig, nothing beats the extensive customization options here, and support for custom 3D-printed nameplates and individually addressable LEDs leave plenty of room for personalization.

PHILIPPINES 2018/03/01


Recommended Product


ROMANIA 2017/10/29


Best Performance


ROMANIA 2017/10/05


Best Performance

Great OC performance on Coffee lake CPU as expected 5.1Ghz on Air has been stable.

THAILAND 2017/10/12


Best Innovation

Packed with the latest technology. It makes playing games even more fun.

THAILAND 2017/10/12


Good Performance

Coffeelake CPU performance can be rolled out with the OC Profile in the BIOS, making the acceleration performance is easy.

THAILAND 2017/10/05


Good design

ROG style aggressive exterior design with packed features for gaming. And also perfect color with Aura sync.

THAILAND 2017/10/05

PC Market

PCM Best Performance Award

Overclock ready

HONG KONG 2017/11/14

PC World

Editor's Choice by PC World 2017

ROG Maximus Hero has its own appeal by not being too sophisticated and expensive like the ROG Maximus Formula or ROG Maximus Extreme, but offers more features than the midrange series ROG Strix motherboards.

VIETNAM 2017/11/22


Best Feature

best quality, powerful PWM, special overclocking tools, Aura RGB just a part of this motherboard!

BAHRAIN 2017/10/17


Best Quality

best quality, powerful PWM, special overclocking tools, Aura RGB just a part of this motherboard!

BAHRAIN 2017/10/17