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  • Hardzone


    Highest quality and functionality

    SPAIN 03/01/2024

Video Reviews

  • This is the 'coolest' AMD-based system

  • Titan giant | GVN Titan Plus i3070Ti Timelapse

  • The Game quality PC series is intelled by Intel Core i7 12700k

  • What will the combo "end game" nearly 200 million full rog look like?

  • Super car is to play ... RTX 4080! - Join MC Jerry Truong to discover the Gaming PC configuration 100 million

  • It is a very good case, on par with those made by specialized companies such as Fantech. It is a smart case and the only negative note is the price despite the fact that there are others with much higher price.

  • Power supply unit with a margin - ROG Tor 850 W

  • If you're building a PC from scratch and love the latest and greatest, then Asus offers the perfect ROG Thor Platinum 2 power supply to go with this card - it will make this card feel like a godsend.

  • Powering our build is a top-of-the-line ROG THor Platinum II 850W power supply upgrade It got a brand new cooling system, making it one of the quietest power supplies available.

  • The interface for modern video cards is available in top-end power supplies, like the Thor ROG Platinum. I've built computers with this "monster" many times, and 850 watts will be enough for any modern build.

  • I built a special Black and Gold PC!

Media Reviews

  • Its aim is to replace the 4080 on the market while offering a more attractive price positioning for customers. [...] We're awarding a Gold HC medal to this very fine card!

    Hardware Cooking

    FRANCE 02/20/2024
  • The ASUS STRIX OC model stands out thanks to its premium build quality and the highest factory overclocking among all the cards we tested…

    Pause Hardware

    FRANCE 03/14/2024
  • the world's first "wireless" PC


    SPAIN 03/14/2024
  • The experience and creativity of Drako.it's professionals have been fundamental in assembling a PC capable of overcoming the challenges that increasingly high-performance games propose, with an eye-catching and customised style designed on the elegant and essential mid-tower ROG Strix Helios RGB ATX/EATX gaming case by Republic of Gamers by Asus.

    ADN Kronos

    ITALY 08/20/2022
  • Aesthetically, the ASUS Prime AP201 case is beautiful; it is sleek and minimalist. It is a mATX case with very good possibilities for expansions despite the very compact size, what is striking is the possibility to install standard ATX power supplies, the ones needed for very very pushed configurations. Another note of merit is the ability to also accommodate 360mm liquid heatsinks, so even the decidedly powerful CPUs of recent times are absolutely covered.


    ITALY 10/27/2022

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