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Very good sound quaility

SPAIN 2022/05/11


Very good sound quaility

[Review] The computer desk area of a girl living alone! I met a god device [ASUS].

I'm interested in the white gaming device ROG Moonlight White: ......!

In-ear "ears" with excellent bass and pleasant sound, with support for high cut, large bundle and L-shaped plug for easy connection


The device’s ability to handle gaming sound was demonstrated by connecting to various consoles, and it performed brilliantly across the board. On PC, Valorant came through loud and clear; on mobile, the peripheral performed even better.


SINGAPORE 2021/09/14

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Moonlight White in-ear gaming headphones Review is a great choice for people who wants a white headphones with gaming style. The headphones are great for mobile gaming, console gaming and even computer gaming with it’s 3.5mm connector.


SINGAPORE 2021/11/14

ROGゲーミングデバイスに白基調カラーの「MOONLIGHT WHITE」 登場! 全4モデルをチェック


JAPAN 2021/09/23

I want to fortify my desktop with the popular white color! Try the ROG Moonlight White series from ASUS


JAPAN 2021/11/07

ASUS ROG Cetra II Core ML - достойный выбор для геймеров благодаря высокому качеству звука, удобной посадке и повседневной надежности


RUSSIA 2021/09/03