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  • allesbeste.de


    Slim here is not only the price! The ROG Strix Impact II in compact design.

    GERMANY 02/18/2020
  • techpowerup.com

    Great Value

    Pro: Great sensor performance Very high button quality Good scroll wheel Good choice of components Lightweight Grippy materials Nicely gliding feet Full software customizability Well-done lighting Easily swappable main switches

    GERMANY 02/08/2020
  • Hardware Cooking

    Gold Award

    In this test, this Impact II mouse is close to perfection and convinced us.

    FRANCE 01/23/2020
  • Techtesters.eu


    what remains is a neatly built mouse with an otherwise fine sensor, very nice tight clicks thanks to the mechanical tension, and the option to replace the switches if they break.

    NETHERLANDS 04/10/2020
  • Lowyat.net

    8.4 out of 10

    The ROG Strix Impact II is one of gaming mouse designed by ASUS for budget gamers. I’ve been informed by ASUS that this is a newer version of its predecessor, Strix Impact with a few new advanced features. The Impact II is an ambidextrous gaming mouse similar with Pugio and Evolve, both same from ROG division also.

    MALAYSIA 01/05/2020
  • TechBRoll

    TechBroll Silver

    In terms of my overall experience, I’m pretty impressed with the ASUS ROG Strix Impact II especially given the fact that it’s just around the Php 2000 price point. The design and construction are on par with ROG quality, the shape is very good and should fit most hand sizes, the mouse clickers are even replaceable and the sensor is also pretty decent for its price, not to mention, the quite flexible rubber cable and the useful software. Again my only gripe with this is the weight considering the

    PHILIPPINES 09/18/2020
  • Lason Arena Gaming

    Lason Best Value Award

    A good hot-swappable mouse that won’t break your wallet.

    PHILIPPINES 02/24/2020
  • HungryGeeks.ph

    100% Approved Award

    In conclusion, I highly recommend that you consider the ROG Strix Impact II when looking for a decent and dependable gaming mouse. I honestly thought that I would never need it since I was already at home with my current gaming mouse (a heavy Fantech X9 Thor), but I have been proven wrong upon using this one.

    PHILIPPINES 02/09/2020

Video Reviews

  • The mouse was updated quite well - its appearance has changed, its shape has changed, its sensor has changed, its buttons have changed, its ability to hot swap switches has been added, and I like it.

  • For little money we get a compact mouse, quite light, with convenient and fast buttons for removable switches.

  • For those who are looking for an inexpensive branded mouse - the hero of the review is quite a worthy offer.

  • The manufacturer has taken care of both the appearance and the quality of the devices.

  • The ASUS ROG STRIX Impact II is by far the best mouse we’ve had a chance to test in this price range.

  • Because of the overall picture we saw, the Asus Rog Impact II Wi Fi deserved an Advance Design award from us.

Media Reviews

  • ROG Strix Impact II: With the Asus ROG Strix Impact II, players get an affordable all-rounder ROG Pugio II: The Asus ROG Pugio II can be adjusted without tools ROG Chakram: Asus draws from the full. Not only that players can switch freely between wireless, Bluetooth and cable mode: the gaming mouse also has a conveniently located joystick on the thumb rest.


    GERMANY 04/02/2020
  • Pugio II 定價 NT$ 3190 雖然不算低,但考量到便捷的三模連線功能與優異性能,其實還算合理。再來看 Strix Impact II 定價 NT$ 990 就真的很超值了,用到微動開關壽命終結還能簡單替換,非常適合預算有限的朋友。


    TAIWAN 08/31/2020
  • ROG Stirx Impact II MoonLight Whiteをレビュー!高コスパ白ガジェットの特徴と使用感


    JAPAN 08/18/2023
  • The ASUS ROG Moonlight White series was created with the declared aim of bringing a minimalist range to the market that is different from the usual. In our opinion, they are suitable for all those who want to set up an "out-of-the-ordinary" and light-coloured workstation, for those who want to stand out, or simply for those who are aiming for a setup that fits perfectly into the work environment.


    ITALY 05/27/2022
  • In general, we appreciate the design as it is also available for left-handed players in terms of price / performance in the market. The ROG Strix Impact II is one of the most preferable mouse models with its lightweight, comfortable handling.


    Türkiye 12/01/2019
  • ASUS ROG Strix Impact II gaming mouse has a "cropped" front and minimal RGB-illumination of the logo and wheel. The main buttons with Omron switches have a swivel design. If desired, the user can replace them himself.

    Root Nation

    UKRAINE 03/12/2020
  • the updated ASUS ROG Strix Impact II has received a number of significant improvements and has become a more versatile gaming mouse.


    UKRAINE 03/23/2020
  • When you start using it, you look at the convenience, the performance of the case, the quality of the sensor itself and how it copes with the games - you realize that it is really a quality product that will definitely not let you down during an important battle.

    Ogliad UA

    UKRAINE 04/17/2020
  • With its small dimensions and lightness, players will like it in “fast” games, where permutation and active movements prevail. With good inclinations and characteristics, it is also very affordable, which makes the ASUS ROG Strix Impact II an interesting option.


    UKRAINE 04/27/2020
  • ASUS ROG Strix Impact II is a fairly balanced and versatile mid-range gaming mouse. It is interesting in its convenient symmetrical shape, very light weight and cool main buttons with durable Omron switches. Which also can be replaced without problems. Visually, the mouse will also clearly find its fans thanks to an unusual translucent plastic and customizable RGB backlight.


    UKRAINE 06/11/2020
  • ROG Strix Impact II is even more versatile and comfortable than its predecessors, it looks great and feels even better in the hand. Inside there is a very decent sensor and durable switches, and the software did not disappoint.


    UKRAINE 07/15/2020
  • If one is planning for the long term, ROG Strix Impact II Wireless can be a good choice.


    HUNGARY 05/20/2021
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