Welcoming some new faces to #TeamROG

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Mar 27, 2022 Written by:Lane Prescott

Join #TeamROG illustration, with multiple members featured.

ROG has long partnered our cutting-edge gaming hardware with a diverse set of professional gamers, content creators, and other influencers. This month, we're welcoming some new faces to the squad and giving it a new name: say hello to Team ROG

Four new influencers have joined in 2022; three-time NBA All Star Karl-Anthony Towns, TikToker extraordinaire Isabella Avila, YouTuber and content creator Julien Solomita, and nomadic gaming pioneer Trent Arant. Team ROG will continue to be the home of Alan Walker, Nyjah Huston, Loserfruit, MrSavage, Matt Heafy and Misfits Gaming as well. We’re also pleased to announce a new partnership with ReKT Gaming, an organization that operates esports teams and content creation across a range of today’s most popular games.  This varied cast of characters ranges from amateur to professional gamers, and we are proud to have them represent Team ROG. Whether they’re destroying opponents in professional esports tournaments, making memorable and insightful videos on TikTok, or facing down Mother Nature herself in a van, we’re all united in our love of the game. 

To check out the full roster, you can check out the new Team ROG site here. You’ll see dossiers on each member, as well as a collection of gorgeous images capturing the spirit of the team by Taiwan-based artist CA CHOU. Make sure to catch these streamers and esports teams on YouTube or Twitch as well, to see the latest gear powering Team ROG to victory.