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  • Eteknix

    Editor's Choice

    It really is a pretty tremendous mouse to use in the office all day to slay some spreadsheets, and then fire up your favourite game and slay your enemies all night.

    UNITED KINGDOM 11/13/2020
    Mai mult
  • hardwareinside.de


    We very much liked the implementation when assembling the Chakram Core, everything is easy to disassemble and just as quick to reassemble. The joystick is another feature that is definitely a selling point.

    GERMANY 06/10/2021
    Mai mult
  • techpowerup.com


    All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed using the ROG Chakram Core

    GERMANY 10/30/2020
    Mai mult
  • Hardware Cooking

    Gold Award

    We will give this ASUS ROG Chakram Core a Gold Award because ot offers a good overall bundle.

    FRANCE 12/18/2021
    Mai mult
  • Digit

    Digit Zero1 Second Runner-up

    The Chakram Core and the Pulsefire Raid were extremely close in terms of performance, with the Raid winning out by a hair. The ROG Chakram Core is essentially the same as the Chakram, but wired. The wired iteration of the Chakram is lighter, and uses the original Chakram's PixArt PAW3335 sensor. The PixArt PAW3335 has a maximum tracking speed of 400 IPS, with a max DPI of 16,000 along with angle snapping and surface calibration via ROG’s software.

    INDIA 12/01/2020
    Mai mult
  • www.vmodtech.com

    ฺBest performance

    The new Gaming mouse support Nvidia Reflex Low Latency removable joystick to put superior control

    THAILAND 05/06/2021
    Mai mult
  • Vladimir Pejic

    Gold award

    By far the best mouse in its class.

    SERBIA 04/05/2021
    Mai mult
  • Streberi

    Streberi Ruby

    All in all, it's a top performance mice with a great sensor that won't betray you at any point.

    SERBIA 10/22/2020
    Mai mult

Recenzii Video

  • It's a way of being able to test the responsiveness of the monitor

  • 'll show you how frames really do win games - I'll give you a breakdown of just how having higher frame rates gives you a reaction advantage compared to the competition! The ASUS PG259QNR 360hz paired with the ROG STRIX RTX 3080!

  • A very high-end and versatile gaming setup for Mohammed who is both a gamer and a architecture student.

  • ROG isn't really known for being cheap, however if it were, then it wouldn't be ROG. While not the cheapest mouse on the market, however, the wired Chakram Core delivers one of the best bang for your buck mice out there!

  • This mouse offers some exclusive features that might have not seen on any other mouse. It offers precise movement on the charater movement and faced no dead zones. Its a one of a kind gaming mouse with an exclusive joystick on board

  • There are certain features on this mouse that you will not get on any other mouse. They are important and very unique.

  • Test Nvidia Reflex Low Latency with Gaming Mouse ROG Chakram Core and Gaming Monitor ROG PG259QNR

  • Review Gaming Mouse with joystick design for Ergonomic-Right

  • Together with the switch structure developed by ASUS, the switch can stand in a very solid way and offer us a more powerful feel compared to normal mechanics. Overall, I really like this four-zone grip on this keyboard structure of the product.

  • You can see the latency of the mouse, the monitor and the system as a whole

  • For the test, I used a ROG Chakram mouse compatible with Nvidia Reflex

  • Video review from the channel FunFace TV

  • By far the best mouse in its class.

Recenzii Media

  • 整體來說,這款滑鼠除了可以讓大家精準快樂的掌握遊戲操控之外,也非常適合在一般瀏覽網頁、文書處理,影像編修時使用。大小剛好的尺寸能非常舒適的掌握操控,精準且多段的 DPI 讓你譨隨著進行遊戲、照片編輯、瀏覽網頁的不同操控需求時來切換。好用的可自訂搖桿設計考驗著你的智慧,它讓你操控更加快速得心應手!


    TAIWAN 12/14/2020
    Mai mult
  • Seorang pecinta gaming sejati tentunya selain doyan meng-upgrade PC-nya dengan spek terbaru, pastinya juga hobi memasang pernak – pernik atau aksesoris lain yang mampu mendongkrak pengalaman bermain game. ROG salah satu merek terdepan di pasar industri gaming mempunyai segudang produk yang ditawarkan, terutama untuk gaming peripheral seperti mouse, mouse pad, dan juga keyboard.


    INDONESIA 10/07/2020
    Mai mult
  • Selama mencoba mouse ROG Chakram, saya menggunakan mousepad spesial. Mousepad ini adalah ASUS ROG Sheath BLK LTD. Dibuat dengan dengan bahan anti slip, mousepad ini cocok untuk mouse sensitif seperti ROG Chakram. Tidak hanya itu, bahan mousepad yang terbuat dari karet juga tidak gampang sobek.

    play cubic

    INDONESIA 11/02/2020
    Mai mult
  • Faktanya, tidak sedikit mouse gaming yang terjangkit penyakit paling menyebalkan buat para gamer meski baru beberapa bulan digunakan: doble klik. ASUS ROG pun nampaknya menyadari masalah ini dan menawarkan solusi yang ideal. Seingat saya, semua mouse dari ASUS ROG menawarkan fitur yang ajaib tersebut yaitu hotswappable switches — termasuk ROG Chakram Core yang akan saya ulas kali ini.


    INDONESIA 02/25/2021
    Mai mult
  • Together with the switch structure developed by ASUS, the switch can stand in a very solid way and offer us a more powerful feel compared to normal mechanics. Overall, I really like this four-zone grip on this keyboard structure of the product.


    Türkiye 02/22/2021
    Mai mult
  • ASUS ROG Chakram Core has a rather modest but stylish design with RGB spot lighting and an ergonomic body. There is a comfortable thumb pad on the left.

    Root Nation

    UKRAINE 03/12/2020
    Mai mult

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