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Is this the best mechanical keyboard in 2022? Check out the ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White!

ROG seems to be on a mission to bring white-colored peripherals to its customers. We already have the ROG Zephyrus G14 in Moonlight White. So in today’s showcase, let’s go through the 4 peripherals that are available in Moonlight White.

首先感謝ROG借這把鍵盤給我,ASUS ROG STRIX SCOPE NX TKL 月光白就是一個美字,銀白搭配加上RGB永遠看不膩。 在測試前其實我不相信加寬的Ctrl會有什麼效果,實際用下來才發現精準度還好,真的有用的是降低小指疲勞,整個手掌擺放上更舒適協調,也讓Alt變得更容易使用。 多媒體組合鍵還有隱形鍵也有創意又實用。 NX紅軸實際遊戲上表現優異,聲音比Cherry紅軸大聲,長鍵使用平衡桿就是看個人喜好啦! 整體是一把品質優良,功能完整的TKL鍵盤。

I built a white gaming PC.

I'm interested in the white gaming device ROG Moonlight White: ......!

[Review] The computer desk area of a girl living alone! I met a god device [ASUS].

Hanya Untuk Kaum Elite Yang Mencari Estetika !

Review ROG Moonlight Gaming Gear white version with in-ear headset

Review ROG Moonlight Gaming Gear with ROG Cetra II in-ear Type C Support smartphone and PC

Review ROG Moonlight Gaming Gear with ROG Cetra II in-ear Type C Support smartphone and PC

I am delighted with the final set up, I love the aesthetics and the white components which I find very elegant. Special mention to the portable 16 inch ROG Strix, personally I am using it for portable consoles because it is very convenient to move around but also when travelling. The moonlight white peripherals then complete the set up in a minimalist way.

Moonlight White series ROG products are perfect for white color lovers.

On a white or rather grayish keyboard, the RGB looks even better than on the regular black Scope RX model, so this model will definitely be a better choice for fans of maximum color.


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