ROG Scabbard II

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ASUS estore price S$29.00
ASUS estore price S$29.00
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    Gold Award

    ...the ROG Scabbard II is targeting people with a large desk. [...] We noticed that the waterproof coating is working fine. [...] For daily usage, this mousepad is very pleasant to use and perfectly fit its role. We never had any detection issue with our mouse at any moment...

    FRANCE 06/28/2021

    Best Performance

    The texture of the pad is soft and comfortable very comfortable for palm. By choosing a fabric that has a fine texture from smaller yarns and a lot of filaments. Including coating the surface to prevent water, oil or dust that will get embedded on the surface of the mouse pad. And as a result of using fine fabrics, it helps to enhance the stability of the cursor as well. For the movement of the mouse If you compare the feeling, it will be between control and speed.

    THAILAND 03/15/2022

    Best performance

    Gaming mouse Pad with extra-large, gaming-optimized cloth surface, anti-fraying stitched frame, and non-slip rubber base

    THAILAND 05/12/2021
  • Gold Award

    ROG Keris Wireless is highly recommended and one of the best wireless mice for price too. Scabbard II is a perfect partner of Keris.

    ITALY 02/11/2021

    5 stars

    ROG Scabbard II is a really cool gaming surface, and there are only two things that can stop you from buying it. First, you don't need such a large rug, and prefer compact options. Second, you need more control than speed.

    UKRAINE 03/17/2020

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