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Video Reviews

  • This is the 'coolest' AMD-based system

  • Titan giant | GVN Titan Plus i3070Ti Timelapse

  • The Game quality PC series is intelled by Intel Core i7 12700k

  • What will the combo "end game" nearly 200 million full rog look like?

  • Super car is to play ... RTX 4080! - Join MC Jerry Truong to discover the Gaming PC configuration 100 million

  • It is a very good case, on par with those made by specialized companies such as Fantech. It is a smart case and the only negative note is the price despite the fact that there are others with much higher price.

  • Power supply unit with a margin - ROG Tor 850 W

  • If you're building a PC from scratch and love the latest and greatest, then Asus offers the perfect ROG Thor Platinum 2 power supply to go with this card - it will make this card feel like a godsend.

  • Powering our build is a top-of-the-line ROG THor Platinum II 850W power supply upgrade It got a brand new cooling system, making it one of the quietest power supplies available.

  • The interface for modern video cards is available in top-end power supplies, like the Thor ROG Platinum. I've built computers with this "monster" many times, and 850 watts will be enough for any modern build.

  • It uses only high-quality components in combination with Japanese capacitors, which ultimately brings the efficiency of the device to 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certificate.

  • I built a special Black and Gold PC!