ROG Phone 8 Pro

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ราคาจากทาง ASUS เริ่มต้นที่ ฿35,990.00 ฿37,990.00
ราคาจากทาง ASUS เริ่มต้นที่ ฿35,990.00 ฿37,990.00
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  • tech radar

    Tech Radar

    This is the first gaming phone that's a genuine pleasure to use day to day.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/18/2024
  • Android Central

    The Best Android Central

    Ultimately, the ROG Phone 8 Pro is no longer a niche device that's only good for gaming — this is a phenomenal all-rounder that can hold its own against the best that Android has to offer.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/16/2024
  • Toms Guide

    Editors Choice

    The ROG Phone 8 Pro is our new best phone battery life champion.

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/16/2024

    Gold Award

    On arrival, the ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition is by no means a cheap phone, but a unique proposition that combines gaming and premium. With a superb screen, sleek design, superb photo sensors and plenty of gadgets, ASUS clearly stands out from the competition. And if I could keep it, it would definitely replace my iPhone. So that's the Gold Award.

  • Gam Alive


    In testing this ROG Phone 8 Pro, I had the impression of holding in my hands the ROG Phone of maturity. The design is sleeker, elements already present on previous versions have been improved, and user requests have been met (camera, better design, new in-game features, etc.).

  • TomsHardware


    Let's not prevaricate: the performance of this ROG Phone 8 Pro makes it, in our opinion, the best smartphone available for gaming at the time of writing, and more generally one of the best high-end smartphones on the market. In addition to its many features dedicated to gaming, it offers an acceptable photo module, supported by a convincing telephoto lens.



    The ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition marks a bold turn for Asus, as it seeks to appeal to a wider audience. ... The most crucial aspect, however, remains its robust performance, guaranteeing an uncompromising gaming experience. Dedicated functionalities further enrich this experience, and the progress made in the field of photography is to be commended.

  • LesNumé


    With the ROG Phone 8 Pro, Asus opts for consistency and once again offers an excellent gamer smartphone. The device is increasingly powerful, and boasts an excellent screen. Its ambition is to satisfy all uses, and if the Taiwanese company has revised the photo block by adding a telephoto lens, this has the merit of increasing its versatility.


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  • Asus' most anticipated smartphone! The ROG Phone 8 (special edition), the new top of the range from the Taiwan-based brand, has just been launched. The smartphone with the fastest processor on the market and that plays with speeds.

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  • It'll no doubt sit pretty on the premium gaming phone throne throughout the year ahead.

    Games Radar

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/16/2024
  • ROG Phone 8 Pro won the iF Design Award 2024, one of the world's most prestigious design awards.

    iF Design Award 2024

    GERMANY 03/08/2024
  • Regardless of a relatively unimpressive camera, the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro is a solid and sturdy phone, with its gaming-oriented features making it a worthy companion. In designed a more “mainstream” mobile gaming device, Asus has also taken clever steps to widen its appeal.


    AUSTRALIA 03/25/2024
  • After spending a few weeks with the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro, I can confidently say that it is the best ROG phone the company has ever produced. Previous ROG Phones were designed for hardcore gamers, but this new phone has toned down many of the design choices that made its predecessors stand out.

    Powerup Gaming

    AUSTRALIA 04/12/2024
  • The ASUS ROG Phone 8 is ready to take your gaming experience to the skies and beyond. It’s packed with features and tools for any scenario, even outside gaming.

    Unbox Diaries

    PHILIPPINES 03/07/2024
  • The ROG Phone 8 Pro is a fantastic device that offers top-notch performance, a stunning display, excellent cameras, and insane battery life.

    Gadget Pilipinas

    PHILIPPINES 03/07/2024
  • the ROG Phone 8 Pro retains the same gaming abilities it has always had. But now it has added some key abilities that truly rival the more celebrated flagship-class smartphones. It’s still King of the Hill as a gaming smartphone and now it’s starting to challenge even those that were previously beyond its reach.

    PHILIPPINES 03/07/2024
  • The first gaming smartphone that makes sense

  • A smartphone not just for gamers

  • Whatever you might write about the ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition, one thing is undeniable - it's a hell of a powerful phone.

  • The ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro is a 'wolf in a sheep's skin'.

  • Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition is a unique flagship, quite different from market standards

  • Asus positions the ROG Phone 8 as a gaming smartphone, but it's actually an amazing all-rounder that excels in every category tested.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 02/15/2024
  • Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro: the supercharged gaming phone that's not just for gamers (review).

    CZECH REPUBLIC 02/18/2024
  • The important thing is this: this is the best gaming phone, it has the best features for gamers, and while the performance may be comparable to the "conventional competition", it is still the ideal machine for avid mobile gamers.

    CZECH REPUBLIC 03/06/2024
  • Video review from the channel Konsumer


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