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Editörün Seçimi

ASUS ROG Pugio modeli, gerek tasarımı, gerek anahtarları değiştirilebilen yapısıyla oyuncular için etkileyici bir model olmuş.

TURKEY 2019/02/01


Gamers Choice

“But, as far as a plug and go mouse is concerned where you just want to set it to your favourite colour, tune the DPI to your preference and get on with the business of playing, the ROG Pugio is a good buy and so wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.”



Must Have

“The ASUS ROG Pugio is a brilliant ambidextrous mouse. It has plenty of great features and definitely justifies its asking price.”


Vortez Hardware


“ASUS are relentless in their pursuit of offering every gamer the ability to purchase their equipment, from £30 mice up to over £130, but the ASUS ROG Pugio finds itself somewhere in the middle, at £69.99, offering a PixArt 7200DPI sensor with rock solid performance, a great ambidextrous shell and unrivalled RGB lighting.”


Vortez Hardware


“ASUS are relentless in their pursuit of offering every gamer the ability to purchase their equipment, from £30 mice up to over £130, but the ASUS ROG Pugio finds itself somewhere in the middle, at £69.99, offering a PixArt 7200DPI sensor with rock solid performance, a great ambidextrous shell and unrivalled RGB lighting.”


PC Centric

Top Performer

“I can’t really fault the performance at all!”




“I am actually going to give the Pugio our Exceptional award. There are very few ambidextrous gaming mice on the market that have so many features and a good software suite to back it up and the Pugio ticks these boxes. It would have been nice to see it priced a little cheaper, but pricing doesn't change how good a product is. If you are looking for an Asus mouse and want something ambidextrous, leave the Impact alone and spend the extra on this.”



Top Design

Top Design

GERMANY 2018/02/26


Technic Recommendation

Technic Recommendation

GERMANY 2017/09/03


Hardware Recommendation

Hardware Recommendation

GERMANY 2017/08/07


Rating: 1.40

Rating: 1.40

GERMANY 2017/07/04




DENMARK 2017/12/14


Editors Choice

With speeds of up to 7200 DPI and formidable precision in all tasks, this is a really nice optical sensor - no matter what model it is. I have chosen to award the ASUS ROG Pugio Mouse a score of 9.5 / 10 as well as our Editors Choice award, as this mouse is now fixed place on my desk. Job well done ASUS!

DENMARK 2017/11/09


Editors' choice

The mouse is a pleasure to use. It eagerly reacts to a slightest movement whereas its buttons feel fast and responsive. Summing it all up, we do recommend the ASUS ROG Pugio to you

RUSSIA 2018/03/02


Editor's Choice

The ASUS ROG Pugio gaming mouse is expectedly responsive and precise. It features extensive setup options and excellent looks

RUSSIA 2017/07/30

ITC Online

ITC.ua: 4.5 stars of 5

ASUS ROG Pugio is an interesting symmetrical mouse. It features the replacable switches and adjustment option by changing the side keys.

UKRAINE 2018/03/07


GECID.com: The Choice of Gamers

ROG Pugio and ROG Strix Evolve combine a convenient form and a wide range of functionality that will unleash its potential for both novice gamers and professionals.

UKRAINE 2017/11/21


Overclockers.ua: Editor's Choice. Best Quality

In every respect, ASUS ROG Pugio is the high quality gaming mouse

UKRAINE 2017/07/19

Profesional Review


Asus P503 ROG Pugio also assembles OMRON switches of the best quality with a guaranteed life of 50 million pulses. It has a design of several buttons configurable on both sides, this allows to provide a truly ambidextrous and ergonomic product.

SPAIN 2018/03/29



This class of sensor is quite often recommended in players' forums.

POLAND 2017/09/28



It has high compatibility with mousepads and all surfaces on which it will work.

POLAND 2017/09/28



The game in typical settings for most players, not exceeding 1600 DPI is very comfortable.

POLAND 2017/09/28



A big plus of this mouse is the exchangeable medium. As I mentioned earlier - we get a repair kit consisting of two additional switches. These are omron switches, which we can easily replace into the place of the spoiled (hopefully, it will not be necessary!).

POLAND 2017/07/24



In summary - ASUS ROG Pugio is a successful construction.

POLAND 2017/07/24



The overlays are magnetic, so they are removed relatively easily - it's the perfect solution for optimal ergonomics of use.

POLAND 2017/07/24


5 out of 5

The requirement of RGB gaming mouse slowly becoming a mainstream among the PC enthusiasts.

MALAYSIA 2019/01/03

Hardware Zone

8.5 out of 10

Even though ASUS has already established itself as a household brand when it comes to notebooks, PC components, and consumer networking solutions, there is still one burgeoning market segment that the Taiwanese company has yet to successfully leave a mark on: gaming peripherals.

MALAYSIA 2017/10/03


8 out of 10

The ASUS ROG Pugio is aimed towards those who like a symmetrical design and has interchangeable side buttons to suit both left- and right-handed users. With its geometry, the Pugio isn't particularly meant to be a claw grip mouse. But the RGB lighting on the ASUS ROG Pugio is a sight to behold.

MALAYSIA 2017/08/10

CHIP Malaysia

CHIP Outstanding Award

Named after daggers like the ROG Gladius, what makes it different from the rest?

MALAYSIA 2017/08/01


Reimaru Files Glorious Gold Award

Overall, the Asus ROG Pugio is one heck of an ambidextrous gaming mouse. It works well in both performance and aesthetics, fans of the RGB gimmick will also enjoy this product with its wide range of RGB customization. In terms of gaming performance, it does not disappoint in terms of comfort and the replaceable switches and side buttons are a welcome addition to add more customization and longer lifespan. If you are looking for a great gaming mouse that can be great for both in gaming and everyday use, the Pugio is a must.

PHILIPPINES 2018/05/02


Hungry Geeks 8/10 Stars

The ASUS ROG Pugio is a decent ambidextrous mouse that delivers all the features you’d want from a gaming mouse. With a bit of longevity on its side with its easily replaceable Omron switches, this is a mouse that can last you through your gaming years.

PHILIPPINES 2018/02/26

Nhil Angelo Diaz

TriNhil Gold Seal

Very responsive and extreme customization for left handed and right handed users warrants this mouse a Gold Seal Award.

PHILIPPINES 2018/01/07


Teckknow Gold Award

ROG PUGIO comes with a small ambidextrous body but packs everything that ASUS has to offer with replaceable switches and customizable side buttons, RGB lighting, and a great sensor

INDIA 2018/02/26



Considering the overall ROG Pugio Gaming mouse design, features, included accessories and the price tag of approx Rs.5K, this gaming mouse is well justified by the performance and price, and is the most balanced gaming mouse in the comfort zone and worthy of our PC TeK Reviews PERFORMANCE Award.

INDIA 2017/12/08


Editor's Pick

Of all the mice that we tested in recent years, ASUS RoG Pugio has quickly become one of our top favorites. Its size and weight are perfect for comfortable use, even for long hours of work or gaming. It does not matter whether you are a gamer or a casual office worker, you will appreciate its comfort, speed, and precision.

ROMANIA 2018/01/11


Good for Gaming


ROMANIA 2017/07/10

PC Market

PCM Best Performance Award

ROG Pugio is capable in satisfying different needs

HONG KONG 2017/10/31


Golden Award

The mouse has a pretty solid feel, with the stunning RGB LED backlight, this product is also optimized with software from Asus. Overall, the Asus ROG Pugio fits in with the left-handed, or claw-grip-style, with a price tag of 2tr which is quite good for gamers.

VIETNAM 2017/07/18


DD´s Recommended

This model surprised me very pleasantly. The design of the mouse is interesting, the backlight is beautiful. Ergonomically, it is strictly universal, lower and interestingly balanced backwards. Overall, it is an excellent mouse with a pleasant balance and quality subtle processing.



IGN review award

The mouse is very suitable for games of this type, with a high response to the level you can barely feel the 180 round you are doing in a hand game with accuracy that comes towards the weapon with minimal interference and vibration. The price for the mouse is relatively comfortable compared to competitors in the market and there is no doubt that the performance justifies it, if the lack of weight adjustment can bother some players who find the mouse too light in weight. In general, PuGIO has great performance and great results in the ability players, so I highly recommend it especially if it is the first gaming mouse for a beginner gamer.

ISRAEL 2018/09/19


Wisebuy review award

It is not cheap at all and will require a learning curve from some users, but these are the only drawbacks of the Pugio, the ROG gaming mouse from the Asus manufacturer. Its outstanding qualities are prompt performance, elegant and elegant appearance, RGB lighting that never stops flattering compliments and above all - real personalization. A great mouse for gamers, thanks to its simple design, will be suitable even for ordinary computer users.

ISRAEL 2018/05/15


PC Enthusiasts Silver Award

The ASUS ROG Pugio wired mouse has been awarded the "PC Enthusiasts Silver Award" by pcnadsenci.eu, especially for "cutting-edge processing, design, backlight and rich package content. The mouse shape fits well in every hand".

SLOVAKIA 2017/07/08

Profesional Review

Recommended Award

Durante el análisis hemos podido ver lo bien que rinden un ratón de gama media y uno de gama alta. Evidentemente las diferencias son algo notables en ergonomía, precisión y números de botones programables. Nos parece que Asus esta haciendo un buen trabajo en ambas gamas y el P503 no tiene nada que envidiarle a los mejores ratones que existen actualmente.

SPAIN 2018/03/29


Editor's Choice

good performance in gaming, ergonomic design, lighting with special software, thats just a part of this mouse!

BAHRAIN 2017/09/17