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    Golden Award

    Özetle Asus Gladius II oyuncu mausu rakiplerine göre uygun fiyatı, tasarımı, performansı, sunduğu özellikleri, ergonomik tasarımı, 2 adet kablo ile gelmesi ve zengin kutu içeriği ile Turkchip Golden Award ödülünü hak eden başarılı bir ürün.

    Türkiye 01/11/2019
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Video İncelemeleri

  • Review Gaming Gear ROG Gladius II Origin - Call of Duty Edition

  • The mouse works smoothly, reads every pixel and I have no complaints

  • Overall, I am completely satisfied with this mouse - it has a convenient form factor, a good quality RGB backlight and most importantly, a well-assembled body.

    Medya İncelemeleri

    • There are similar peripherals, always signed ASUS at a lower cost and it's true, I also agree, but for those who want to make a leap in quality it's ideal. Especially for those who, perhaps, have more than one computer and who play on each of these with Cloud systems.


      ITALY 03/16/2022
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    • The ROG Gladius II Origin mouse is a solid and comfortable device that is equally suitable for both games and work. Of course, the first in priority, so the equipment consists of bonus switches, two cables, a bag for transportation and stickers of the Republic of Gamers. In the program, you can adjust the mouse settings to your taste and style.

      Hi-Tech Expert

      UKRAINE 03/02/2020
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