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Hardware Sugar

8/10 Overall Ratings

ROG Kerris Review: Familiar yet Different

PHILIPPINES 2021/02/08


Hardware Sugar


ROG Keris 電競滑鼠算是一款入門的人體工學電競鼠,但不像以往做成尺寸較大的款式,向這樣中型尺寸對於也較能與更多的玩家手型吻合,對於大手或是小手的玩家來說也能夠輕鬆地使用這款滑鼠。 整體除了外型之外,重量也僅有 62g,因此不論是輕鬆的掌握或是競技的指抓,都可以輕鬆的操作,另外全新的 ROG 微動開關手感上十分 Q 彈,搭配樞紐按鍵結構設計,按壓的回饋與整體使用感受筆者體驗下來覺得算是舒適。 當然除了有線版的 ROG Keris 電競滑鼠之外,還有 ROG Keris Wireless 可以選擇,兩種版本玩家可以依照需求去選擇。


TAIWAN 2021/03/30

Summarizing my experience with ROG Keris, it is difficult to find objective flaws. She practically does not have them, except for the absence of rubberized sidewalls. But if this is not a problem for you, your grip of the chains is more than ever and you only play with your full palm - then this is definitely an option for you. For the rest, we advise you to try to hold the mouse in your hands before buying. If you find it convenient for you, ROG Keris will definitely not let you down.


UKRAINE 2021/05/28

Overall, the ASUS ROG Keris left a positive impression. This is a high-quality device from the top price category with LED backlight, the ability to replace switches, good equipment, convenient side keys and a flexible cable in the braid.


UKRAINE 2021/07/06

ASUS ROG Keris is a compact and very lightweight gaming mouse with a good shape that is great for finger grip. The mouse received a reliable, accurate and fast optical sensor, as well as excellent branded ROG switches with a resource of 70 million clicks.


UKRAINE 2021/08/27