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  • gamezoom.net

    Performance & Technology

    Compact powerful board!

    GERMANY 08/19/2021
    Daha fazla
  • Techtesters.eu


    ...extra storage, lots of USB ports, sturdy VRMs to do everything with, beautiful design. What else do you want?

    NETHERLANDS 04/08/2021
    Daha fazla
  • Tech Porn

    TechPorn Superb Award

    Feature rich is what the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming appeals to be and it truly is with a price to match at a flagship level.

    PHILIPPINES 04/14/2021
    Daha fazla
  • NewEsc España


    Perfect for small PCs

    SPAIN 08/10/2021
    Daha fazla
  • Profesional Review


    This board has proven to be at least at the level of Strix ATX variants, plus with an improved VRM thanks to very well cooled 90A MOSFETS. There will be no stability problems for top-of-the-range CPUs in overclocking or with the ABT function, since we have the best and most complete BIOS from Asus to take advantage of the 11th Gen.

    SPAIN 03/30/2021
    Daha fazla

    HKEPC Editor's Choice

    the RAM overclocking performance is extremely powerful

    HONG KONG 04/16/2021
    Daha fazla
  • MurdockCruz

    Medium Award

    ASUS ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi : Small Tapi Punya Banyak Benefit I Motherboard Review

    INDONESIA 03/03/2021
    Daha fazla
  • MMOSite

    Editor's Choice


    VIETNAM 02/18/2021
    Daha fazla

Video İncelemeleri

  • ROG STRIX Z590-I GAMING Unboxing

  • The best motherboard for Intel 11th gen

  • Rakit PC Gaming Mini-ITX 2021 I Feat ASUS ROG Z11, RTX 3060 Ti & Z590-i Gaming WiFi

  • Daripada rakit pc biasa, kali ini mending rakit pc dengan tema Mini ITX. Spesifiknya disini gua akan menggunakan sistem dengan kombinasi processor Intel i7 10700K dengan motherboard ROG Strix Z490i, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition dan Cooler Master NR200 untuk casingnya. Kita liat aja build nya bakal seperti apa :D.

  • Small, tp banyak benefit besar. Kita rasa istilah ini bisa berlaku buat mobo baru ASUS ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi. Tampilan premium, build quality yang solid, konektivitas lengkap, bios yang friendly, storage yang mencukupi. Cuma buat lebih pastinya, pantengin terus video ini.

  • Any Mini-ITX build with the ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi motherboard boasts the best possible performance.

    Medya İncelemeleri

    • A motherboard that should not be missing on your shortlist if you are going for an ITX build.


      NETHERLANDS 05/24/2021
      Daha fazla
    • Motherboards are getting more and more options, for example, a multi-gigabit network connection is now the standard.

      Computer! Totaal

      NETHERLANDS 08/20/2021
      Daha fazla
    • ROG STRIX Z590-I GAMING WIFI 目前台灣定價約在 NT$ 10,000 上下,8 + 2 相供電,搭配 90A MOSFET 用料,Intel 2.5G LAN 以及 Intel Wi-Fi 6E 完整網路配置,內建 Thunderbolt 4 連接接口可以連結多螢幕和更高速的周邊設備!推薦給想打造搭配 Intel 11 代桌上型處理器迷你 PC 的玩家。


      TAIWAN 03/03/2021
      Daha fazla
    • 對於 Intel 最後一個 14nm 製程平台,我而們樂見它終於在市場上推出,同時各主機板廠的相繼推出對應晶片的主機板,讓市場看起來相當熱絡。而針對 Intel Z590 晶片組的 ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WIFI 這張帶有 Thunderbolt 4 功能的 mini-ITX 主機板,整體功能顯然能吸引到許多 mini-ITX 愛好者的目光。


      TAIWAN 03/30/2021
      Daha fazla
    • The company's mainstream ROG STRIX series is especially popular among gamers. This product, equipped with the latest Z590, has two PCI Express 4.0 compliant x16 slots and two M.2 slots that support 4.0 and two that support 3.0, giving it very high expansion performance.


      JAPAN 03/29/2021
      Daha fazla
    • Review of the ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-I GAMING WIFI, Mini-ITX with ultra robust VRM power supply to support 300W class loads!

      Self-made, games and hobby days

      JAPAN 05/27/2021
      Daha fazla
    • ASUS launches 15 Z690 motherboards, including AniMe Matrix and Q-Release models with easy video card removal

      PC Watch

      JAPAN 11/04/2021
      Daha fazla
    • The ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi has the best results in our performance tests.


      LATVIA 05/15/2021
      Daha fazla

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