What Is SupremeFX III?

SupremeFX has been a staple addition to Republic of Gamers motherboards ever since the very first Crosshair. Its design is focused on improving sound quality beyond the standard that most motherboards included, by putting the audio onto a separate sound card that plugged into a PCIe x1 slot. Isolating the analogue sounds in this way helped improve audio quality.

In the intervening 5 years, SupremeFX has evolved into its third revision. First added to the Rampage IV Series late last year, it’s now following onto the Maximus V GENE as well.

Rampage IV GENE – Extensive Overview


The Rampage IV GENE represents the third Rampage IV motherboard to launch from ROG, following on from the Formula and Extreme in 2011. As ever, the GENE is a microATX board that’s small on size but big on features. It follows in the Formula’s footsteps with a feature-set that angles itself towards hardcore gamers, albeit LAN gamers in need of portable – or at least smaller – rigs, rather than pro overclockers. This includes its 2(/3)-way SLI/CrossFireX from the three PCI-Express 16x slots squeezed in, along with the latest SupremeFX III audio. Obviously there’s still the OC-edge from the ROG-grade DIGI+ CPU and DRAM power hardware and the meaty VRM cooling. All this is then wrapped up in the usual ROG red and black.