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ROG x Spalding Basketball

The ROG X Spalding Basketball is made of a hand-bonded, snakeskin-embossed synthetic composite and features pixelated ROG markings. It includes a custom display stand and a drawstring bag.

  • Snakeskin-embossed surface provides a cool and unique look
  • Hand-bonded construction meets high ROG quality standards
  • Custom stand is ideal for on-shelf display and drawstring bag offers easy portability
  • Pixelated ROG markings reflect the ROG gamer spirit
Carrying the ROG x Spalding Basketball

ROG X Spalding Basketball

ROG x Spalding Basketball with stand (front view)

Show your style

The ROG Spalding basketball is made of hand-bonded composite synthetic, making it perfect for indoor play. Its snakeskin-embossed finish gives it a cool and sophisticated look.

Exceptional Quality

The hand-bonded materials used in construction meet exacting ROG standards.

On the left is an ROG x Spalding Basketball 2021 special version, and the right is the ROG x Spalding Basketball 2022 version.
On the left is an ROG x Spalding Basketball 2021 special version, and the right is the ROG x Spalding Basketball 2022 version.
Carrying the ROG x Spalding Basketball
ROG x Spalding Basketball (back view)

Portable and Storable

The ROG Spalding basketball includes its own a custom stand and drawstring bag.

● Shipped with a custom display stand for on-shelf displays
● Custom ROG drawstring bag holds the basketball and other items

Gamer Spirit

The pixelated ROG markings reflect your gaming spirit.

ROG x Spalding Basketball with ROG Sackpack


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