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CES 2017: Welcoming Brand New Product Lines in the ROG Ecosystem

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In 2017, the ROG and ROG Strix armies grow stronger as ROG is about to evade the networking territory while ROG Strix is evading the monitor, mouse and microphone territories. At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, here are the latest networking, peripherals and accessories on show.  


ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

Behold! The first gaming router from ROG, and it's a monster (in the dark it could quite literally be mistaken for one)! At the heart of the monster is a 64-bit 1.8GHz quad-core processor with full gigabyte of memory. Featuring not dual but tri-band (two 5GHz, one 2.4GHz) Wi-Fi for a whopping combined total data speed of up to 5,334Mbit/s (five times the bandwidth of a wired Gigabit ethernet connection). At the back, you get great connectivity with eight gigabit ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports.




Peripherals & Accessories

Welcoming more mice supporting AURA SYNC, ROG Gladius II, ROG Strix Evolve & Impact can all synchronize RGB lighting effects with supported ROG motherboards, graphics cards and keyboards.


ROG Gladius II gaming mouse

Just like the original Gladius, ROG Gladius II returns with an optical-sensored mouse - created for FPS (first-person shooter) games. The elements FPS players loved from Gladius remain, such as the easy-swap switch socket offering durability and the ability to customize click-resistence, while the Omron switches are upgraded to endure 50-million-clicks (upgraded from 20M). Gladius II kept the DPI toggle below the wheel for sniper action, and also adding a DPI target button for the thumb as well for instant zooming in and out without getting your trigger finger in a twist. Some may consider AURA SYNC support to be the most exciting.


ROG Strix Evolve gaming mouse

Like the name suggests, ROG Strix Evolve is designed to be a shapeshifter by allowing changeable top covers to bring you four different ergonomic shapes. Such a design makes the mouse equally comfortable for both left and right-handers. Durable 50-million-click Omron switches will ensure that it lasts even in the hands of the most hardcore gamers. Another mouse to support AURA SYNC RGB lighting, more choices for your AURA SYNC setup, excellent. 


ROG Strix Impact gaming mouse

ROG Strix Evolve and Impact are the first mice in the ROG Strix series, both are made for versatility - fast for MOBA games at the same time also suitable for multiple genres, and can be used with either hand. Impact features an ultra-light design necessary for MOBA games and marathon sessions. The seemingly simple design will make an imapct with Aura Sync RGB lighting, 50-million-click Omron switches and a two-level DPI button with a light indicator.


ROG Strix Magnus gaming microphone

ROG now offers streamers and gamers a dedicated high-quality microphone that looks the part. ROG Strix Magnus is a gaming microphone with three studio-grade condenser capsules for enhanced clarity and sensitivity, and is the first in the industry to feature both environmental-noise cancellation (ENC) and customizable Aura RGB lighting effects. There's an auxiliary port for recording audio from external sources, and comes with an external USB hub for connecting additional devices.


ROG Premium backpack 


ROG Shuttle III backpack



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