Jan 15, 2014 Written by: MarshallR

VG248QE G-Sync Upgrade Kit Now Available

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North American gamers can now buy the VG248QE G-Sync upgrade kit direct from Nvidia for around $200. Nvidia also has a how-to video shown below. 

For those who don't yet own the VG248QE, here's a few North American stores to have a look at! 

(Notice anywhere else, please let us know and we'll add it to the list!)

Please note: The VG248QE G-Sync user upgrade is unwarranted by ASUS. It's entirely performed at your own risk and voids the VG248QE warranty, regardless if the fault is directly related to the G-Sync module or not. While we appreciate people want to upgrade their monitors at the earliest opportunity, for those who want the security of a warranty, the bigger ROG Swift PG278Q with G-Sync will be available in a couple of short months!

Article Tags: Product News
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