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Video Reviews

  • A Challenge, From ASUS?! | Prime AP201 Custom Gaming PC Build

  • Those who follow me know that I am a die-hard micro ATX fan, and this video is dedicated to that. The build behind me is atomic cool and beautiful, this is a total white ASUS configuration. ASUS PRIME AP201 is the absolute star of this video, it is very interesting because very few cases of this format come out and this one, while not costing a lot lends itself to builds of a certain level.

  • I decided to pick up one of the best B760 series mATX motherboards in the lineup from ASUS.

  • Video review from the channel THE ROCO

  • Video review from the channel Starlinecomp

    Media Reviews

    • This Intel B760 Motherboard is PERFECT for White PC Builds


      SINGAPORE 01/03/2023
    • 【Which one?】ASUS社「ROG STRIX B760-G GAMING WIFI」をレビュー

      Boo Studio

      JAPAN 08/04/2023

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