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  • pcgameshardware.de

    Top Technology

    The new ultimate for multiplayer shooters

    GERMANY 03/15/2021
  • Hardwareluxx

    Excellent Hardware

    All in all, the ASUS ROG Swift PG259QNR is the new spearhead for eSportsmen and women who want the last millisecond. Depending on the load, the Reflex feature can additionally reduce the latency. The possible insights into the different latencies alone are extremely interesting.

    GERMANY 11/02/2020
  • pcgameshardware.de

    Rating: 1,52

    The Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR does not give in to any discipline and scores first class in all measurements important for e-sports

    GERMANY 10/20/2020
  • pcgameshardware.de

    Top Technology

    The Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR does not show any weakness in any discipline and scores first-class in all measurements that are important for e-sports: The input lag is low, the response time as well, and the refresh rate is one evolutionary step higher.

    GERMANY 10/20/2020
  • Hardware & Co


    ASUS and Aim Lab have teamed up to provide mice, mats and software to optimise performance for gamers with the ROG Harpe and Hone Ace.

    FRANCE 03/30/2023


    The headline feature for the PG259QNR is that 360Hz refresh which presents the silkiest performance we’ve ever encountered. Combine this with HDR10, 1ms ultra-fast response time and G-SYNC and all the ingredients for a thrilling gaming experience.

    AUSTRALIA 02/02/2021
  • T3


    360 Hz refresh rate, Nvidia G-Sync support and 1ms response time and HDR support are just the tip of the iceberg for this gaming monitor

    INDIA 03/01/2022
  • Geeknetic

    Best for Gaming

    The difference is noticeable and the fluidity that is achieved is noticeable even on the desktop.

    SPAIN 04/15/2021

Video Reviews

  • Video review from the channel Konsumer

  • It's a way of being able to test the responsiveness of the monitor

  • 'll show you how frames really do win games - I'll give you a breakdown of just how having higher frame rates gives you a reaction advantage compared to the competition! The ASUS PG259QNR 360hz paired with the ROG STRIX RTX 3080!

  • A monitor dedicated to serious gamers !

  • What are 360Hz Gaming monitors for ? | NVIDIA REFLEX

  • I can see everything that is happening on screen !

  • Maybe noobs who blame their gear DO have a point after all...or maybe you just need NVIDIA®️ Reflex to help you play better ;) Let Laphel tell you how!

  • You've GOTTA check out the 1.77” LiveDash OLED display on this motherboard! Let Summerr take you on a quick tour ;)

  • Must be a strong build cause it's got both a Hero AND the Avengers in it, right? 🤭 Anyway, let Xiaoting Miaomiao tell you more about this super-powered build with the ASUS Republic of Gamers Z590 Maximus XIII Hero!

  • 360Hz - godlike or gimmick? Do you REALLY need it? 🤔 Well, Christina is here to tell you who needs a crazy fast monitor (and who doesn't!)

  • Hey guys! This is our review of the ROG PG259QNR as seen through the lens of a casual gamer who plays maybe a maximum of two hours a day. You can trust that I am not purposely going to strain my eyes and force myself to look for things about my experience, with a monitor which doesn't immediately come natural to me. Hope you like the review and thank you for watching the video!

  • The Ultimate 360hz Gaming Monitor | ASUS ROG PG259QNR

  • 【モニター紹介】ASUS史上最強かつ最高のモニターを発見してしまった。 | ApexLegends

  • Monitor gaming beda level! Refresh rate 360Hz nihh!! Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR Review Indonesia

  • Valorant Auto Menang Pake Monitor 360Hz! | Review ROG Swift PG259QN | Lazy Tech

  • Gaming monitor 25" Full HD 360Hz support Nvidia Reflex Low Latency

  • Test Nvidia Reflex Low Latency with Gaming Mouse ROG Chakram Core and Gaming Monitor ROG PG259QNR

  • The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

  • The perfect display for pro players!

  • A crazy 360Hz monitor for esports!

  • For a gamer like me, this monitor is very useful!

  • Best monitor for competitive gaming!

  • ASUS, AU Optronics and NVIDIA have made a truly seminal and successful collaboration on this model. The pleasure of examining an innovative product on player monitors is completely different.

  • If you are a hardcore gamer and want to see the changing images instantly, you got more advantage if you have a 360Hz monitor.

  • This monitor makes you say, it's the best competitive focused, speed focused monitor I can get right now. So after buying this monitor, you do not say anything again such as "I wonder if I bought different model, I would have a better performance in games." This monitor erases all questions on your mind in the competitive field. So what I'm going to say as a DH editor is this is the best competitive gaming monitor you can get at the time this video was made.

  • The 360 ​​Hz monitor is in a very superior position compared to the Hz comparisons we have prepared before. You can notice this in both game performance and even mouse movements.

  • The most impressive thing about this monitor is playing games that exceed 300 fps, like CS: GO or Valorant

  • ASUS ROG PG259QNR is the ultimate gaming monitor with up to 360Hz refresh rates, fast response times and very low input lag. Hardware support for NVIDIA G-SYNC works over the entire frequency range, starting from 1 Hz, plus allows you to independently measure the input lag of the entire system.

  • Video review from the channel FunFaceTV

  • The ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR is the perfect gaming monitor for eSport and fast action games.

  • As it is a very special product from me and a very special award in the form of pure and deserved Platinum award!

Media Reviews

  • ASUS – Ultimate esports setup for gaming in 2023


    UNITED KINGDOM 06/02/2023
  • Nvidia Reflex reviewed: What are the benefits of the latency-reducing technology? - Tested with the ASUS ROG Swift PG259QNR & the ROG Chakram Core


    GERMANY 03/18/2021
  • 這台 ROG SWIFT 360HZ PG259QNR 電競螢幕,可以說是目前最強的專業電競螢幕款式,也可以稱他為系統延遲測試工具;但做為工具,後續的 GeForce Experience 需要能讓玩家有更多的延遲控制選項與記錄輸出(log)功能,才能讓玩家、選手團隊與遊戲開發上更容易獲得想要的數據。


    TAIWAN 10/20/2020
  • 整體來說,華碩這款顯示器提供遊戲玩家們最極致快速的360Hz螢幕更新率速度以及超低延遲的各種技術,如果你過去老是覺得暢玩射擊遊戲時無法得心應手,經常覺得畫面不順暢而影響到控制或成績,那麼不妨試看看華碩這台顯示器,畢竟工欲善其事必先利其器! 採用 IPS 防眩光的螢幕非常的舒適,除了玩遊戲之外,就連平常追劇與影音編修時,也能讓大家感到十分舒適,而且這款螢幕的色域表現也是很優異,我們透過 Spider X Elite 校色器檢視,出廠值的設定就很ok囉!


    TAIWAN 06/16/2021
  • 華碩本次與NVIDIA聯手,推出了支援G-SYNC與Reflex Latency Analyzer的PG259QNR,主要目的是為了輔助玩家在各類遊戲中,能夠有更多的條件並且不依靠外掛,就能可以克敵制勝

    PC DIY!

    TAIWAN 01/04/2021

    JAPAN 12/27/2021
  • 絶対使いたいNVIDIA Reflex!遅延をどれだけ減らせるか360Hzゲーミングモニターで検証してみた

    PC Watch

    JAPAN 04/28/2022
  • Dirilis tanggal 25 Agustus 2020, dunia teknologi dikejutkan oleh pengumuman ASUS dengan kehadiran ROG SWIFT PG259QN. Sekilas dari sisi bentuk desain mungkin hampir terlihat sama dengan seri monitor gaming premium ASUS ROG lainnya, khususnya untuk edisi PG. Namun, refresh rate tinggi 360Hz jadi gebrakan besar untuk menarik lebih banyak penggemar bisa tenggelam dalam euphoria tentang hegemoni yang ditawarkan monitor gaming ini.


    INDONESIA 12/30/2020
  • This is a solution designed specifically for competitive contexts.


    ITALY 09/03/2021
  • The Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR is certainly not a monitor for everyone due to its hefty price tag, small size and low resolution. However, the combination of a 360Hz refresh rate, support for Nvidia G-Sync technology and an excellent response time make this the fastest gaming monitor in the world right now.


    ITALY 03/09/2022
  • Let's start with perhaps the most amazing monitor this year. The 24.5-inch model with the complex name ROG Swift 360 PG259QN has a unique feature that elevates it to the top of the monitor market. This is a refresh rate of 360 Hz, which guarantees a perfect smooth and smooth image in the latest games.


    UKRAINE 11/22/2021
  • NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer - a tool built into the top game monitors to determine the latency of the computer, display and mouse in the total latency of the system

    Root Nation

    UKRAINE 10/22/2021
  • It is not necessary to chase after RGB illuminations (though with the game monitor you will receive it with 90% probability). And it is better to pay attention to the technologies that really affect gaming. Such as NVIDIA Reflex, which allows you to minimize delays in gaming - the investment in this option will pay off with additional frags and victories.


    UKRAINE 10/29/2021
  • The Swift PG259QNR, despite its size, can be used as a regular everyday monitor. The viewing angles are very good


    LATVIA 11/17/2021
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