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Unleash the Power of Voice

The ROG Carnyx is a professional-grade cardioid USB microphone that features a 25 mm condenser capsule and 192 kHz / 24-bit sampling rate to deliver natural and rich sound. The Carnyx offers clean and uninterrupted recordings thanks to a high-pass filter that reduces low-frequency noise, a built-in pop filter to prevent vocal plosives, along with a metal shock mount to minimize external vibrations.

In addition to giving you studio-grade recordings, the Carnyx also features an intuitive one-touch mute button and multi-functional control knob to take your recording and streaming experiences to the next level.

The ROG Carnyx in black and moonlight white edition in front view angled from left and right are on the stage.

Studio-grade 25 mm Condenser Capsule

Compared to standard microphones, the Carnyx’s larger 25 mm condenser capsule improves low-frequency performance and delivers rich, natural, and warm vocal tones.


192 kHz / 24-bit Sampling Rate

Lossless audio processing supports a high 192 kHz / 24-bit sampling rate to ensure high fidelity sound reproduction that reflects every nuance of your voice.


  • ROG Carnyx

  • Microphone A

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar pattern emphasizes sounds from the front and minimizes sound pickup from the sides and rear, making the Carnyx perfect for solo streams, gamers, and podcasters.


The professional Valorant player & streamer Sam standing on the gaming arena and point to the front

ROG Carnyx captures the warmth and personality in my voice like no other…......
this is truly a premium microphone that I can depend on for my streams !

- Sam "s0m" Oh, Professional Valorant player & streamer

The front view of ROG Carnyx in moonlight white edition The audio element as background to demonstrate noise reduction solution


The integrated filter cuts out unwanted low-frequency background noises below 80 Hz like rumbles or hums, this prevents your voice from sounding muddied and helps it stand out.


The front view of ROG Carnyx in black edition angled from left, with the focus part of built-in pop filter.
  1. Built-in
    pop filter

    The pop filter is made of foam and mesh layers to prevent plosive sounds when the mic is used up close.

  2. Metal shock

    The sturdy all-metal shock mount includes elastic suspension cables that isolate the mic from external vibrations like keystrokes or mouse clicks that often travel through the table.

Other Features

  • The top view of ROG Carnyx shows one-touch mute button with the hand touching on the mic mute icon, and the RGB lighting turns red to indicate mic mute status.

    One-Touch Mute Button

    A quick touch of the mute button cuts off the microphone during recording. The touch button works silently so no sound is picked up by the mic for uninterrupted recording. Plus, an LED indicator lets you know when it’s activated.

    *Touching and holding the button for 2 seconds also turns the RGB lighting on and off.

  • The front view of ROG Carnyx in black edition angled from left standing left side of the ROG laptop and ROG Delta S Core to show real-time monitoring feature

    Real-Time Monitoring

    A 3.5 mm headset jack allows you to monitor audio in real-time.

  • The focus part of multi-functional control knob with the indicator light of microphone volume and high-pass filter turning on.

    Multi-Functional Control Knob

    Use the intuitive control knob to adjust microphone volume, and the multimedia audio volume for monitoring headsets, or to turn on/off the high-pass filter function.



Personalize your setup and choose from six preset lighting effects via Armoury Crate. You can even synchronize effects with other Aura Sync-enabled products for a unified look.


Use Armoury Crate to activate the high-pass filter, customize EQ profiles, tweak RGB lighting, or to access other device settings.


Ready, Right Out of the Box

Plug the ROG Carnyx into any computer or laptop via its bundled USB cable and begin recording or streaming audio. The built-in mount adaptor fits 3/8-inch threads to ensure compatibility with most mic stands or boom arms.


Video Reviews

I thought this will be another typical USB Mic, which will be very soft in volume, but to my surpise, it sounded so much clearer even at a distance.

The main reason why I use it is because of this one touch mute button right here at the top. Once touched your mic will turn red to signify it's muted.


the ultimate microphone for gamers and creators

a professional-quality condenser microphone with a clear gaming touch

The ROG Carnyx is a versatile, high-quality microphone in terms of recording, design and product. In my opinion it fully meets the needs of content creators, its recording quality, material quality and above all its usability make it an attractive microphone for anyone.

In general, this is undoubtedly a very cool microphone, which, in addition to curing common "sores" of USB microphones as such, it is a very unique device in its own right.

It's a really cool microphone that costs $200, so here it's up to you to listen and decide if you like it.

Asus ROG Carnyx Review | High-end gaming microphone from Asus unveiled at CES 2024

ROG CES 2024 - restream in English and preview of two new products!

Media Reviews


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