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ROG Strix Magnus

ASUS ROG Strix Magnus USB 3.0 Portable Gaming Condenser Microphone with Cardioid/Stereo/ENC and Aura Sync (Includes AUX-In port)

  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting in three different zones features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever-expanding ecosystem of Aura Sync enabled products
  • Three 14mm studio-grade condenser capsules with optimized pickup patterns ensure clear, lifelike audio recording quality up close or at your desk
  • Cardioid, stereo and ENC (environmental noise cancellation) modes support flexible recording scenarios whether you’re with friends or in noisy environments
  • Compact form factor with USB passthrough measures 50% smaller than the competition and eliminates the need for external stands/mounts and optimizes portability for streaming on-the-go
  • Easy to use hardware controls with integrated AUX-IN and headphone ports allow for easy audio monitoring and distortion-free sound on-the-fly

Make Yourself Heard

ROG Strix Magnus is the first microphone designed especially for game streamers. Featuring three individual studio-grade condenser capsules for pristine recording quality, environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, a compact form factor, and AURA RGB lighting, ROG Strix Magnus goes above and beyond traditional microphones to help you deliver the highest-quality content to your audience.

The ROG Strix Magnus is a fantastic, high grade microphone suited to a variety of tasks. Sound quality is killer, and it is immensely portable and easy to set up.


OC3D performance
OC3D gamers choice
If you‘re in the market for a desktop microphone that gives outstanding sound quality without either busting the bank or being so large that you can't have it on hand at all times, the ROG Strix Magnus is perfect and will really improve the quality of your recordings.


If you're one of those people who refuse to buy a gaming headset and are instead looking to use a combination of hi-fi headphones and an external microphone, the Magnus is the right way to go.


See what pro streamers said about us

  • It's a great mic for people who need something quality without going all the way into studio recording mics, the settings are nice and versatile to suit a range of streaming situations, guests etc and the RGB adds a nice touch to complete an RGB stream setup.

    Pro Twitch Streamer

  • I'm massively biased as I'm an ASUS fanboy... but this microphone looks like something out of the Transformer films! It sounds nice, clear & crisp! Loads of features to make even the most nerdy sound tech guy fall in love. But for noobs like me, it's the perfect mic too!

    Lt Zonda
    Founder of #StreamersConnected
    Official Streamer for @NVIDIA

  • The ROG Magnus provides an amazingly clear sound quality and is an easy plug-and-use USB microphone. For how lightweight it is, I did not expect it to perform so well. It's a definite improvement on my previous microphone. It's easy to use the few buttons to do a Mic Mute, Cardioid pattern and change the headset volume and mic gain. Love it, and so do my viewers!

    Pro Gamer & Streamer

  • ROG Strix Magnus is a modern looking professional microphone with multiple functions. It has a volume mixer, mute button, 3 audio and lighting settings directly accessible on the mic and more. No problems with settings! If you want a good looking pro mic which is easy to use - Magnus is the one for you.

    Twitch Partner
    Pro Streamer

Studio-Grade Recording Quality

With three 14mm studio-grade condenser capsules, ROG Strix Magnus captures every vocal nuance to clearly convey your emotion and attitude to your audience. ROG Strix Magnus gives your recordings a new level of professionalism, and your audience will enjoy warmer, richer, and more lifelike sound for better listening experiences.

Automatic Noise Cancellation

ROG Strix Magnus features environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, letting you achieve studio-grade recordings without the need for expensive and bulky sound-absorption materials. A dedicated microphone inside ROG Strix Magnus actively listens for environmental noise and sends it to the three condenser capsules for analysis. The result is that distracting noises — such as keyboard keystrokes, mouse clicks, and fan whir — are eliminated instantly for exceptional recording quality.

Hear the difference





Three Dedicated Recording Modes

Easily switch between Cardioid, Stereo, and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) modes to suit any recording application

  • cardioid

    Designed for one person or audio source, this general-purpose mode fits most streaming scenarios.

  • stereo

    The best choice for two or more people or audio sources, this mode captures the depth and space of the recording environment.

  • enc

    Designed for game streaming, this environmental noise cancelling mode prevents mouse clicks and keyboard keystrokes from being recorded.

Personalized gaming style ASUS AURA SYNC

ROG-exclusive Aura RGB lighting

ROG Strix Magnus is the first and only microphone with RGB lighting effects. Choose from over 16.8 million color combinations and four lighting effects to entertain your audience.

ROG Strix Magnus
  • Static Static Always on
  • Breathing Breathing Fades in and out
  • Color cycle Color cycle Fades between the colors of the rainbow
  • Music effect Music effect Pulses to the beat of your music

Perfect Synchronization

ROG Strix Magnus features Aura Sync technology, so you can synchronize its lighting effects with other ROG products* to create a unique and captivating streaming atmosphere.

>> More about Aura Sync
* Requires an ASUS Aura-ready motherboard.

Compact Size

50% smaller than others

Designed especially for game streaming, ROG Strix Magnus has a compact form factor that is 50% smaller than other popular gaming microphones and fits directly behind your keyboard without blocking your view of the screen. This space-saving design — based on extensive research of desktop environments and usage scenarios — eliminates the need for large stands or wall mounts and gets out of your way so you can focus on your game stream or competition broadcast.

recording controls

The buttons and controls on ROG Strix Magnus are thoughtfully positioned for easy operation during intense gaming and streaming scenarios. The volume and microphone mute controls are accessible without removing your other hand from the mouse. Additional microphone controls — like sensitivity and recording mode — are conveniently grouped together for precise audio adjustments, so you can create the highest-quality recordings even during the heat of the action. There is also a USB 2.0 port for connecting other devices if needed.

  • Kingston Lock 1

    Kensington Lock

  • AURA RGB lighting On/Off 2

    Mute/ON button

  • Microphone Mute/ON 3

    AURA RGB lighting
    On/Off button

  • Rotary knob for volume control 4

    volume control knob

  • Headphone monitor output 5

    headphone monitor
    output jack

  • Recording pattern switch 6

    recording pattern switch
    (cardioid / stereo / ENC)

  • Rotary knob for microphone sensitivity 7

    microphone sensitivity knob

  • External USB hub 8

    extending USB hub

  • AUX-IN port 9

    AUX-IN port

Record and stream music without distortion

ROG Strix Magnus comes with an auxiliary port, so you can connect a musical instrument and record or play live music to your audience with pristine, distortion-free sound quality.

Stream everywhere

An included carry bag lets you bring ROG Strix Magnus anywhere and protects it against accidental drops and impacts.