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ROG G35CA with RGB illuminated, sitting on the street with a stylized urban cyberpunk background.
ROG G35CA with RGB illuminated, sitting on the street with a stylized urban cyberpunk background.
Accelerate Victory
Experience immersive gaming at high refresh rates with up to a GeForce<sup class='sign-tm'>®</sup> RTX™ 3090 GPU
Experience immersive gaming at high refresh rates with up to a GeForce® RTX™ 3090 GPU
Highly efficient liquid cooling unlocks the true power of up to a 13th Gen Intel<sup class='sign-tm'>®</sup> Core™ i9 for stutter free gaming
Highly efficient liquid cooling unlocks the true power of up to a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 for stutter free gaming
Two hot-swap SSD bays and a built-in carrying handle let you quickly move your game library and machine
Two hot-swap SSD bays and a built-in carrying handle let you quickly move your game library and machine
The multi-zone chassis keeps the CPU, GPU, and power supply airflow separated, keeping critical components cool
The multi-zone chassis keeps the CPU, GPU, and power supply airflow separated, keeping critical components cool
Keystone II provides quick access to game and app profiles, as well as a hidden and encrypted Shadow Drive
Keystone II provides quick access to game and app profiles, as well as a hidden and encrypted Shadow Drive
The glass side panel shows off extensive Aura Sync compatible internal lighting throughout the chassis
The glass side panel shows off extensive Aura Sync compatible internal lighting throughout the chassis
*actual product specification may vary by country and region.
Please contact your local retailers for more details.
Windows 11 Pro
Up to 13th Gen
Intel® Core i9
Up to GeForce
graphics card
Up to DDR5
G35CA near a cyberpunk temple, with holographic “Intel Core i9” and “NVIDIA GeForce RTX” logos superimposed above the desktop.


Equipped with the latest 13th gen Intel® Core™ i9-13900KF CPU, the G35CA breezes through even the most intensive tasks in rapid speed. This powerful CPU is unlocked for overclocking and rated for a lightning-fast max boost clock of 5.8GHz for a much more responsive system. Our AI Overclocking, available directly within the UEFI, simplifies the process by analyzing your clock speeds and cooling over time, and optimizing them to ensure peak performance. With this AI-enhanced system, it's easy for anyone to unleash the full power of their PC and take their game to the next level.

Artist rendering of a blue motherboard and CPU socket, with “Intel Core i9” written over the CPU socket.


The new NVIDIA Ampere™ graphics architecture brings real-time ray tracing and AI to games. The G35CA takes it to the next level with up to a GeForce® RTX™ 3090 GPU that pushes out impressive, triple-digit frame rates for competitive multiplayer, and offers immersive visuals for gaming experiences at 4K UHD resolutions. The cutting-edge GPU is paired with up to 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM, and is capable of powering advanced lighting, shadow, and reflection effects that make graphics more lifelike than ever before.

Artist rendering of a green GPU socket, with “NVIDIA RTX 3090” written over the GPU socket.


With four memory slots and support for up to 128GB of RAM, the G35CA can easily master demanding multitasking and content creation. Its next generation DDR5 memory is clocked at 4800MHz for a responsive and speedy system.

*Up to 64GB with expansion slots for up to 128GB.

Black background with a minimalist line art render of a blue DDR5 RAM stick, with 8 memory chips visible on the PCB.


Space for 2 NVM Express® (NVMe®) PCIe® x4 SSDs with support for PCIe 4.0 offers you the fastest and most flexible M.2 interface available. Quicker load times across your entire catalogue of apps and programs means less idle time waiting and more quality time for work and play.

Black background with a minimalist line art render of two blue PCIe x 4 NVMe SSDs.
BOOST PERFORMANCE WITH AINVIDIA DLSS massively increases performance, without sacrificing quality, by using cutting-edge AI.
MORE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCESRay Tracing enables the most realistic and immersive graphics,which runs fast thanks to 2nd gen RT Cores.
A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGENVIDIA Reflex technologies minimize system latency which improves aim precision and reaction time.
ROG G35CA sitting on a rooftop with RGB illuminated, with a nigh time skyline of a modern city in the background.
ROG G35CA Product DESIGN plan the details

Tournament Ready

Two hot-swap SSD bays make switching hard drives stress-free and simple. While typical PC set-ups require that you shut down your system and remove drives with a screwdriver, hot swap bays let you quickly add, replace, or change out drives without interrupting your flow. Especially handy for esports tournaments, players can easily exchange drives to play on personalized settings with less downtime between matches.

Close up and holographic view of the front panel of the G35CA, with emphasis on the hot swap SSD bays and where to access them on the bottom right corner.

Styled for Convenience

Hang up your headphones in style on a hook sleekly incorporated into the chassis. This neat design keeps your space cleaner and clutter-free, leaving more room for mouse movements and any number of your favorite peripheral devices.

Up to
Sustained Force
Up to
Momentary Force
Close up and holographic view of the top right of the G35CA, emphasizing where to use the integrated headset holder.

Easy to Carry

A sturdy handle built directly into the case lets you bring your best game everywhere. Durably designed for everyday use, this built-in carrying handle makes it easier to bring your PC to LANs, tournaments, and more.

Up to
Sustained Force
G35CA from the top-front, with emphasis on the built-in carry handle and Keystone access.
In FHD Epic
In FHD Ultra
Cinebench R20
Blender Test
in Classroom Test
while gaming
Up to
9°C cooler
with liquid cooling system
*Tested with Metro Exodus

Liquid Cool

Harness greater power from your CPU with liquid cooling. Coolant channels heat off the processor and through a 240mm radiator that has two 120mm fans to quickly dissipate heat from the system. Within the multi-zone chassis, the fans are positioned between the CPU and PSU chambers to efficiently exhaust air from both sections simultaneously.

*Spec for radiator may vary by model.
*Picture for illustrative purposes only.

Close up view of the G35CA motherboard and CPU socket, with a holographic rendering of the CPU water cooler showing coursing water on top of the CPU.


Heatsinks dedicated to the M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD slots optimize cooling, ensuring fast load times even during heavy workloads, and improving long-term reliability. A motherboard header for a dedicated M.2 heatsink enables even more aggressive cooling for strenuous sustained workloads.

Bottom half of an ROG Strix motherboard, with blue outlines around the dual M.2 heatsinks and shields.
GT35 on a desk with a blue background, with a mouse, keyboard, chassis and headset all illuminated with orange RGB.


Keystone II transforms your PC with customizable functions that can be easily set to your personal ROG account. Based on your preferences, Keystones can give you quick access to personalized settings and profiles, launch your favorite games or apps, or even unlock access to an encrypted Shadow Drive that offers protection for your private files.

Top down close up view of handle and Keystone II.
Zoomed out view of ROG Strix Z790 motherboard, with attention drawn to VRM, PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots, and Supreme FX audio.
Digi + VRM SupremeFXPCIe 4.0 M.2 Slots PCIe 4.0 M.2 Slots

Immersive Sound Experience

SupremeFX technology uses top-quality capacitors and shielding to ensure crystal clear sound, with minimal static and noise. Experience richer spatial sound with 7.1-channel playback support, independent 2.0-channel output, and multi-stream stereo to the front-panel outputs. Paired with Dolby software, gamers can modify their sound settings with presets tuned to gaming, video, or other experiences, or manually customize their settings to achieve the perfect audio experience.

Close up view of motherboard with intense emphasis on SupremeFX audio and capacitor area.
*I/O ports vary depending on the configuration. Please check with local vendors for available models.
Front and rear view of G35CA, with labeling of all I/O ports.
Display Port 1.4HDMI 2.14 x USB 2.0 Type-A4 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-CRJ45 Port5 + 1 SPDIF Audio PortMic In / Headphone OutUSB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C
/ USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A

Easy Upgrades Anytime

The G35CA makes it easy to give your graphics and memory a boost. Space for multiple graphics cards* provides a path to greater processing power for hardcore gaming. Room for a second superfast M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD means fast load times across your full program library. Dual hot-swap bays mean you can add, replace, or test up to two secondary SSDs without rebooting and opening up your chassis.

*Disclaimer: Stock PSUs only support standard configurations with a single graphics card. User upgrades may require additional modifications.

Side view through side panel of G35CA, with labeling of key components.
Memory SlotsGraphics Card SlotsPCIE 3.0 x 16 SLOT (x4)HDD BaySSD Hot swap BaysM.2 PCIE 4.0 SLOTS
Armoury Crate login page.
Learn more about ROG Armoury Crate
GameFirst VROG GameFirst V technology maximizes throughput for your game! It prioritizes network packets to increase bandwidth for online gaming and streaming that need it the most. Auto mode prioritizes applications automatically, while Manual mode lets you categorize programs and prioritize them yourself. In addition, ROG First ensures ROG and ASUS RT-series routers prioritize packets according to the GameFirst V settings of your ROG laptop.
Sonic Studio IIISonic Studio III supports all of your in-game audio needs. Its main control panel offers manual customizations as well as access to five specially tuned audio modes for different game types. Enhanced noise cancellation, voice-volume stabilization, and echo cancellation for recording give you clearer audio transmission for team voice chat and streaming.
Sonic Radar IIIThe new Sonic Radar III audio engine processes sounds with heightened spatial and positional clarity, giving you greater environmental awareness in-game. Visualized audio details, such as the onscreen arrow that points in the direction of incoming sounds, can help train your ears and also guide you through gameplay in circumstances where in-game audio is difficult or impossible to hear.
Aura CreatorDesign complex lighting effects from scratch with Aura Creator, a virtual toolbox for RGB customization. This software gives you complete creative control over your LED lighting, allowing you to layer effects, adjust animations, modify speeds, and much more. In combination with Aura Sync devices, you can coordinate looks and themes across your entire gaming environment.
XSplit GamecasterThe free version of XSplit Gamecaster allows you to live stream and broadcast directly to internet streaming platforms, or make recordings for easy sharing online. You can even interact with your audience while broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch.
Android/iOS AppPick up the free Armoury Crate mobile app for Android or iOS to easily access your settings without interrupting your game! Available now on both Google Play™ and the App Store.
Bundle peripherals
*Bundled peripherals may vary according to regions. Please check with local vendors for exact offers.
G35CA on a cyberpunk background, with an illuminated RGB keyboard leaning up against the front panel.
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Product has High-Definition Multimedia Interface


  • This device supports Wi-Fi 6E, the newest standard in wireless networking. Please note that Wi-Fi 6E is not yet available in all regions. If your country has not opened up the necessary Wi-Fi bands, this device will use the best connection available. ROG will release a software update to enable Wi-Fi 6E when it's available in your region.
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