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    HONG KONG 01/13/2020


    Good gaming headset with 7.1 surround and stereo sound as well as USB-A and USB-C connectivity.

    GERMANY 08/25/2020



    GERMANY 07/31/2020

    Performance & Technology

    Once again great praise to the engineers and technicians from ASUS, who have also brought a very good gaming headset onto the market with the new ROG Theta 7.1. The headset offers a very good sound (stereo and surround sound), high-quality workmanship and excellent wearing comfort. Also the extensive software and high compatibility (suitable for PC, consoles and smart devices) is impressive.

    GERMANY 07/13/2020


    - high-grade finishing - appealing product design - USB-C connection - colorful RGB lighting - good sound quality - voluminous software

    GERMANY 02/04/2020

    Positive review

    ROG Theta 7.1 reaches peak excellence easily. Audio quality is simply impeccable and embedded technologies make it one of the best gaming headset on the market.

    FRANCE 07/21/2020
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    Gold Award

    The ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 is a piece of art

    FRANCE 03/27/2020


    ... it does something that almost no other headset does and it is actually just a damn cool thing to use with the best real surround experience of any headset that I know ...

    NETHERLANDS 02/17/2020

Video Reviews

  • This headset is awesome !


  • ASUS ROG Theta 7.1

  • Aku cinta Headset Gaming ini (Kalo dikasih)

  • One of the best gaming headset

  • ASUS ROG Theta 7.1; It can be a powerful alternative for users who want to make a difference in competitive games and want to have their home theater in their ears.

  • A gaming headset with the beautiful name ROG Theta 7.1 - by the way, the word Theta in Greek means the number 8 and it is not used accidentally, since these headphones are equipped with 8 speakers - 4 in each cup.

  • Designed primarily to replace your multi-channel home system - and they do it.

  • The ideal headphone for those who want to boost their game sound, want to be totally immersed and have fun at distinguishing all sounds and practicing positioning.

  • Artificial Intelligence in ASUS headsets

  • When we talk about the quality of workmanship, the first ball shows that it is a premium headset that is mostly made of metal with the contours of high quality plastic so as not to increase weight unnecessarily.

  • This Headset is a GAME CHANGER! I was blown away by how much my game awareness went up. One of the comfiest headsets I have ever worn

Media Reviews

  • Thanks to the extensive ROG lineup, you can find the perfect headset for you.

    ITALY 06/28/2021
  • As for the display of the sound stage, in this case at an ultra-precise level of direction, here, too, everything is fine. Not for nothing that each headphone has three speakers and a processor responsible for processing all audio data.

    UKRAINE 05/04/2020
  • 【开箱】真7.1声道王者—Asus ROG Theta 7.1电竞耳机


    MALAYSIA 05/25/2020
  • Got roughly RM1.2k in cash to spare? Then this headset is something you should add to your list of goodies to buy.


    MALAYSIA 07/08/2020
  • With powerful sound drivers, quad AMP and home-theatre grade 7.1 DAC, this is one of the best sound experiences I have ever had.


    INDIA 01/02/2022
  • Clear, high performance microphone with almost no noise and no popping.


    JAPAN 09/24/2021
  • The Asus ROG Theta 7.1 clearly offer cutting-edge features.

    ITALY 10/23/2020
  • Theta offers excellent directional audio and a noise reduction microphone entrusted to effective AI


    ITALY 06/25/2020
  • On the gaming front you won't have any problems: the sound experience will be satisfactory and so precise as to allow you to identify opponents and dangers without difficulty. If you are used to playing online, you will love the microphone of this headset. The noise cancellation of the ROG Theta 7.1 is truly incredible.

    ITALY 07/02/2020
  • ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 is a wired headset with RGB lighting, a USB-C port, powerful lows and 7.1 surround sound, which is provided by the ROG series DAC. A great choice for audiophiles and those who are not confused by bulky headsets.

    Root Nation

    UKRAINE 04/01/2020
  • The headphones demonstrate the real benefits of 7.1 sound and chips in this mode. those gamers who want to get the most out of the game - buy these headphones and will be satisfied with the accurate and high quality sound of these headphones.

    Ogliad UA

    UKRAINE 04/13/2020
  • Undoubtedly, ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 is an excellent headset with many interesting solutions. What is the study of surround sound (even on smartphones) and intellectual noise reduction, or sound enhancement options implemented in the built-in sound card?

    UKRAINE 04/14/2020
  • The ASUS ROG Strix GO 2.4 is one of the more unique gaming headsets available on the market

    Fortress of Solitude

    SOUTH AFRICA 03/27/2020
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