The ROG Strix XG309CM gaming monitor is ultra-wide, ultra-fast, and ultra-versatile

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Oct 28, 2021 Written by:Jeff Kampman

Ultrawide monitors are increasingly popular among gamers thanks to the more expansive view of the action that they bring into your field of view. By expanding the picture further into your peripheral vision, an ultrawide display lets you see flanking opponents or threats sooner than you would on a traditional 16:9 screen. The new ROG Strix XG309CM gaming monitor brings this competitive advantage to a wider audience along with several useful features that make it easy to share a flattering view of your face with the world and to juggle the multiple devices that we use in the course of our work and play.


Gamers often aren’t just gamers these days. We’re students and professionals, too. We might have a work or school laptop by our side during the day and switch over to our custom-built desktop PC when it’s time to play. Connecting and controlling multiple devices on one desk can be a pain without the right tools, but the XG309CM makes multi-PC setups simple. In addition to a USB-C connector that can accept the common DisplayPort Alt Mode input available from many laptops, the XG309CM can serve as a KVM switch, controlling multiple connected devices with only one keyboard and mouse.


The ROG Strix XG309CM also solves a common problem among gamers who want to share their reactions with the world during Twitch or YouTube streams: where to mount a bulky DSLR or mirrorless camera safely and securely while maintaining a good viewing angle of one’s face. A standard tripod socket atop the adjustable stand allows you to mount a tripod head or camera arm in the optimal position to capture a natural view of yourself—perfect both as the foundation for your Twitch overlay and presenting a flattering view of yourself to your colleagues during the work day.

In addition to its versatile connectivity options and functional stand design, the XG309CM boasts the specs necessary to keep you on top of fast-paced action. Its 2560x1080 resolution spreads out across a 29.5” diagonal for an expansive view, and a 200Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync support allows you to take full advantage of the swift output of today’s mainstream graphics cards with consistently fluid and responsive output. ASUS Fast IPS technology delivers a 1ms gray-to-gray response time for clear motion in the heat of battle, and ELMB Sync backlight strobing can make motion even crisper in tandem with the benefits of Adaptive-Sync.


The ROG Strix XG309CM is the latest in a series of ROG Strix monitors that will include the versatile USB Type-C port for broader connectivity options with modern systems. The upcoming ROG Strix XG259CM will also include a USB Type-C port to give gamers more flexibility when planning out their setups. For more information on these ROG Strix displays in your region, including pricing and availability, please contact your local ASUS representative.