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Get physical!

A gamepad controller with grip and one ROG Phone installed with a gamepad bumper and two-side controllers stay on the same platform.
Modular Design
Wired Connection
Ergonomic Shape

One gamepad to win them all!

Handheld Mode icon
Handheld Mode
Clip on your phone for instant action
All-in-one Mode icon
All-in-one Mode
Use the grip for a full console-like experience
Mobility Mode icon
Mobility Mode
Play anywhere with a compact mini-gamepad

Near Zero-Latency

A ROG Phone with gamepad bumper and teo-side controllers float in the air

Precise and Responsive

On the left half of the image, the front side of a ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad with a grip floats in the air. On the right half, the back side of a ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad with a grip floats in the air.
Analog Triggers iconAnalog Triggers
ALPS Joysticks iconALPS Joysticks
Clickable Buttons iconClickable Buttons
Rear Control Keys iconRear Control Keys

Aura RGB

A ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad with a grip floats in the air, and there is a distinctive illuminated Aura RGB slash on the left corner side of the controller.
Static iconStatic
Breathing iconBreathing
Color Cycle iconColor Cycle
Strobing iconStrobing
  1. Bumper design varies according to model. Please see the Tech Specs for the supported smartphone list.

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