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ROG Gladius II

Souris gaming optique ergonomique optimisée pour les FPS avec des sockets facilitant le remplacement des switches, l'écairage Aura Sync RGB et un interrupteur DPI sous le pouce

  • Design de socket facilitant le remplacement des switches offrant une résistance de clic personnalisable et augmentant la durée de vie de la souris
  • Eclairage ASUS Aura Sync personnalisable
  • Bouton de DPI pour régler la sensibilité tandis qu'un bouton placé sous le pouce fournit un court boost de DPI
  • Switches Omron avec une durabilité de 50 millions de clics et deux switches Omron supplémentaires fabriqués au Japon pour des sensations différentes
  • Capteur optique 12 000 DPI, 250 IPS, accélération 50 g et taux de transfert USB de 1000 Hz pour un suivi rapide et précis
  • Câble détachable et pochette de transport ROG pour faciliter le transport et le stockage
  • Interface ROG Armoury facilitant la personnalisation des boutons, des performances et des paramètres d'éclairage
ROG Gladius II – The Perfect FPS Sidearm
Arm yourself and take aim with the ROG Gladius II optical gaming mouse, the successor to the original Gladius and the next step in the evolution of the ultimate gaming mouse. The Gladius II has an advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor and DPI target button for maximum sniping accuracy – your enemies can run, but they can't hide. And with ASUS Aura Sync lighting technology, you'll outshine the competition.
Ergonomically Designed for All Grip Types
From the very start, pro gamers have had a hand in designing the ROG Gladius II. The result is an extremely comfortable, high-performance mouse that's perfect for all gamers and any grip styles.

Dominate and Illuminate
ROG Gladius II is designed to dominate – and it looks the part with aggressive aesthetics and ASUS Aura RGB lighting technology. With six customizable pre-set light effects and incredible performance, the Gladius II is primed for battle!

  • Static


  • Breathing


  • Color cycle

    Color cycle

  • Wave


  • Comet

  • Reactive


Perfect Synchronization
Achieve perfect RGB lighting synchronization across your ROG Gladius II and other Aura Sync-enabled products to complete the look of your battle station. ROG Sync enables quick lighting synchronization between ROG Claymore and Gladius II, or Aura Sync with ASUS motherboards and other components for a system that really shines!

Learn more about Aura Sync >

Note: ROG Sync is enabled and controlled via ROG Armoury software, and Aura Sync is enabled and controlled via the motherboard's ASUS Aura software. To download Aura software, visit the support page for your Aura-enabled motherboard.

Dedicated DPI Target Button
Whether you're camping out in a sniper nest or hunting down the enemy, the DPI target button is your best ally. You can switch sensitivity settings simply by holding down the DPI target button, which lowers the DPI for more accurate sniping or raises it for faster scrolling across the screen. Default DPI settings return as soon as the button is released.

Designed for Comfort and Accuracy
Separate button design requires less actuation force, delivering faster responses
Get immediate and crip responsiveness via the scroll wheel that includes an integrated Alps encoder
Rubber side panels with Mayan-inspired design ensure a secure and comfortable grip
Detachable micro-USB cable with a quick-release switch
DPI switch toggles sensitivity, while the DPI target button provides short instances of precision
Specially-designed micro-USB cable prevents cord snagging
Unrivaled Performance
Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket Design
ROG Gladius II features the exclusive push-fit switch socket design that allows you to hot swap switches to vary click resistance and extend the lifespan of the mouse by replacing worn or broken switches.

Omron D2F and D2FC series switches are compatible with ROG Gladius II.

Note: You can reuse the cushions attached to the bottom of Gladius II switches to fill the remaining space, when shorter switches are used as replacements.

Durable 50-Million-Click Switches
Mouse buttons and switches – especially switches on gaming mice – take the most abuse. Manufactured with high-quality Omron mouse switches that are rated to at least 50 million clicks, ROG Gladius II is built to last.

For additional options, Gladius II is bundled with an additional pair of Japanese-made Omron switches.
Advanced Optical Sensor
Every strike is critical. At the heart of ROG Gladius II is an optical sensor that provides you with the accuracy and precision needed to take down the opposition.
  • 12000 DPI


    Dots per inch (DPI) is the measure of a mouse's sensitivity to movement. The 12000 DPI optical sensor in Gladius II makes it possible to move the cursor all the way across a 4K UHD display with less than an inch of mouse movement!
  • 50g


    Gravitational acceleration (g) increases the distance that the cursor travels when the mouse is moved quickly: the faster the mouse is moved, the greater the gravitational acceleration. The Gladius II uses the latest 50g sensor!
  • 250 IPS


    Inches per second (IPS) is the malfunction speed — the max speed at which the mouse sensor can accurately track movement. The Gladius II has a maximum speed of 250 IPS, which is ideal for users who prefer low-sensitivity settings.
Best Mobility
Unplug and Go
A quick-release switch at the bottom of the mouse releases the micro-USB cable with one swift movement – it's that easy!
Intuitive Customization
Personalize Your Gladius II
The Gladius II features innovative ROG Armoury software that lets you adjust settings to suit your style. Customize Aura RGB lighting effects, adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map buttons, create profiles, and more!
The Evolution of Gladius II
  • Model

    ROG Gladius II

  • Optical sensor

    12000 DPI

  • Switch

    Omron with 50 million clicks

  • Exclusive switch socket design

  • Additional Japanese-made Omron switches

  • Lighting

    Aura Sync

  • DPI switch

  • DPI target button

  • Separate button design

  • Detachable cable

  • Model

    ROG Gladius

  • Optical sensor

    6400 DPI

  • Switch

    Omron with 20 million clicks

  • Exclusive switch socket design

  • Additional Japanese-made Omron switches

  • Lighting


  • DPI switch

  • DPI target button

  • Separate button design

  • Detachable cable

ROG Gladius II
ROG Gladius
Optical sensor
12000 DPI
6400 DPI
Omron with 50 million clicks
Omron with 20 million clicks
Exclusive switch socket design
Additional Japanese-made Omron switches
Aura Sync
DPI switch
DPI target button
Separate button design
Detachable cable
  • Ergonomics and Aesthetics
  • Unrivaled Performance
  • Best Mobility
  • Intuitive Customization
  • The Evolution of Gladius II

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