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  • Einfold

    9.5 out of 10

    The new Q-Release is a new eject mechanism for ASUS motherboards with graphics card PCIe slots. It “unlocks the first PCIe slot’s security latch with one tap, greatly simplifying the process of detaching a PCIe card.”

    SINGAPORE 04/10/2023
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  • igorslab.de

    igor's LAB Recommended buy 4.7/5

    The Asus Maximus Z790 Hero has everything a gamer's and overclocker's heart desires. [...] For enthusiasts and gamers in the high-end segment, the Z790 Hero should be at the top of the list of motherboard options.

    GERMANY 04/07/2023
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  • Techtesters.eu

    Editor's Choice

    If that price is no problem, you have an ultimate board: EC.

    NETHERLANDS 03/27/2023
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  • Techtesters.eu

    Best of 2022 Gold

    The combination of an excellent power supply, an extremely extensive feature set including niche features such as Thunderbolt, but above all the fact that we have been working primarily with Hero boards for years for their stability and headache-free bios and software features.

    NETHERLANDS 12/20/2022
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  • Guru3d


    This product is suitable for those that live and breathe the ASUS ROG DNA and want nothing but the best...

    NETHERLANDS 10/27/2022
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  • Techgaming.nl

    A personal favourite of ours

    The ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero is a beautiful board...

    NETHERLANDS 10/20/2022
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  • Pokde

    Bronze Pokdeward

    Here’s a feature that I felt like is an absolute life-saver and definitely should be a standard in future motherboards regardless of price – the Q-Latch and Q-Release. God knows how many times I dropped that tiny M.2 screws or even tried so hard shoving a stick just to push that PCIe slot release which is occupied by the sheer girth of the GPU itself… the RTX 4090 now comes with 4-slots as virtually the standard, mind you.

    MALAYSIA 10/28/2022
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  • El Chapuzas Informatico


    excellent three-way connectivity.

    SPAIN 10/21/2022
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  • It has a lot of phases to get the most out of the processor.

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  • 【i9-13900K】令和最強ゲーミングCPU?7950Xと頂上対決で意外な結果に..高画質録画配信テストで調教していく~![超猫拳]

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  • The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

  • It is an excellent product that on first impression appears to be complete and has excellent performance. As usual, we appreciated Asus' thoughtful design and look forward to putting it to the test

  • My setup is all ASUS ROG and includes a build enclosed in the ROG Hyperion GR701 case, the ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless keyboard, the fantastic ROG Moonstone Ace L glass mat, the lightweight ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse, the ROG Falchion ace mini keyboard and the Rog Gladius III mouse.

  • The ASUS ROG Hyperion is a beautiful case.

  • Used for Diablo pc assembly

  • Like the Maximus models, the latest Z790 Hero allows us to easily overclock our Core i9-13900K processor and get even higher performance.

  • The RAM support for ROG Z790 Maximus Hero should be evaluated separately. Because the new Hero pushes the limits in this regard.

  • The ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero Wow !!

  • Motherboard features you need to know. What do premium motherboards offer over cheap motherboards? Let's take a look at a few nifty features and parameters that make motherboards more expensive.

  • Up to 20Gbs usb-C on rear slots or power delivery front USB after 60W on new Intel boards. Three gaming boards of your choice.

  • A preview alone is one of the most important new generation paintings ROG Maximus Hero Z790

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  • The performance of the Set App 2023 !! (Rog Strix RTX 4080)

  • A legendary painting from Issos in which everything

  • Excellent appearance, excellent VRM unit, features, extremely rich equipment, 5x M.2 slots, PCIe 5.0 support, Thunderbolt 4, UEFI, software.

  • Video review from the channel Starlinecomp

  • The review from the channel STARLINECOMP

  • The review from the channel THE ROCO

  • The review from the channel Konsumer

L'avis des médias

  • 3D V-Cache搭載「Ryzen 7 7800X3D」はコア数控えめだが最高のゲーミングPC向けCPUだった!?


    JAPAN 04/05/2023
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  • DDR5-5600/4800とDDR4-3600でゲーム性能を比較。新しく自作PCを組むならDDR5メモリがオススメ!?

    Self-made, games and hobby days

    JAPAN 03/31/2023
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  • Presentation : ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO

    Hardware Cooking

    FRANCE 09/27/2022
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  • ベンチで知る“第14世代”、Core i9-14900K/Core i7-14700K/Core i5-14600Kは何が変わった?


    JAPAN 10/17/2023
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  • The new ROG Maximus Z790 Hero is a niche motherboard for true overclocking enthusiasts and can be an ideal choice for building powerful configurations and for those who need maximum operational stability, even when overclocking. As the name implies, ROG Maximus Z790 Hero is based on the Z790 chipset and allows the installation of Intel processors based on the Alder Lake and Rocket Lake architectures.

    Toms Hardware Italy

    ITALY 01/29/2023
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