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Chapter 2

</Roam two realities>

Our digital avatars are a reflection of ourselves. It's how we explore who we are, try on new personas, and interact with like-minded people. The digital generation was born into both these worlds, living a binary existence bridging virtual and analog spaces.

ROG SLASH is a conduit for that duality, bringing cyberspace influences into our physical world. With bold colors and a cyberpunk aesthetic, ROG SLASH brings pieces of your digital persona into the real.

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Behind-the-scenes video

Design philosophy

ROG SLASH, visualized as the symbol of </ROG>, showcases the melding of esports spirit with fashion attitude. Lines of code create everything in digital worlds.

Since </> represents the first action required to execute a line of code, we combined the slash symbol with the original ROG logo for this collection as the starting point for ROG esports fashion.

Classic red and blue esports tournament colors inspired the red-violet and electric-blue color scheme of ROG SLASH. These two remixed hues recreate the spirit of competition. We dove into gamers’ worlds and incorporated coding elements with cyberpunk to connect esports and street fashion. With ROG SLASH, you switch between a virtual world and the real.

ROG Slash graphic elementROG Slash graphic element

Concept elements

For ROG SLASH, we extracted the spirit of competition and sportsmanship from eSports. We brought the fulfillment that players experience in competition into the product design by highlighting gaming culture itself. We wove gamer identity into the very fabric of ROG SLASH. Cyberpunk is a foundational theme of the entire ROG brand, and we continue that with ROG SLASH. By combining these elements, ROG created a new line of trendy product accessories that celebrate gamer culture.

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